Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Trainers For Girls Who Live In Heels

I think we are all aware of how much I love my heels and that they are most likely going to be my daily shoe choice. I have to admit recently I have been reaching for my trainers much more than anticipated and it would only be right to share my little collection so far.
Pale Blue Suede Puma Basket Trainers
I had noticed a lot of the trainers I had were white so I wanted to add some more colour in to my collection. This was the first pair on my list to get. A few of my friends rave about their Puma's and how comfy they are so I have been wanting to get myself a pair I would like just as much as my existing collection. Plus the blue colour is the perfect for summer! 
 White Adidas Superstars
I've spoken about these before in a previous post so I won't bang on about them too much. These were actually the first purchase that started me off this whole change in opinion about trainers. These are the most comfortable shoes I own which is one of the reason I wear them so much. As they are all white they go with near enough everything, I love styling them with tailored trousers for a juxtaposition.
New Balance Grey And Pink 620
I picked this up alongside the Puma's as I wasn't sure which ones to go for, like most orders I couldn't decide between the two so kept both, whoops. What I like most about these is that they are really light weight making them so wearable for summer. I thought these would be good thinking ahead for the warmer weather! These also look slightly more slimline making them match with skirts and dresses really well. 
White Leather High Top Converse
Who doesn't have a pair of converse? Let's face it they are basically a shoe staple. These are my only high top pair which helps to add variety in to my collection. These ones will be a pair that never leave my side.
I never thought I would become a trainer person but here I am with a trusty four pairs and I'm sure it will grow in the future. Maybe one of these pairs might be the start of your collection if you are considering branching out of your heel comfort zone like myself.


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