Saturday, 16 April 2016

I Test Avon Beauty

I dived into the unknown, trying and testing Avon Beauty for the first time. I'm sure we have all seen the advert at the minute where bloggers have used unmarked products to find out at the end it was Avon products. From their reactions I wondered why I had never given them ago before, so here are my first impression on four of their products!
True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks
I have heard a lot about these lipsticks prior to receiving them in the post so I was most excited about seeing how I got along with them. I think for me lipsticks have to be my biggest collection of make-up, it's something I buy over and over again, I just can't help it I think they could be my weak spot. Out of the fifteen shades available I tried some very different shades for me starting with 'Posh Petal'. This shade is a really light pink colour which is cool toned, I personally think this would look better on lighter skin tones on me it just didn't work. It is too light for my complexion, however with a darker lip liner it was slightly improved. Then there was 'Au Naturale' which lives up to its name. On me it was almost a match for my natural lip shade but with a coral/warm brown undertone. This works really well as an everyday shade, perfect if you are going for a heavy eye makeup look. Then finally in my trio is 'Red Supreme' which is hands down my favourite shade. It wasn't long ago I tried my first red and now I can't get enough. I mean I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but the shade of red matches my skin tone perfectly and adds the perfect pop of colour. 

The packaging is simple with a black, matte, square case. There is a silver band around the middle with the embossed Avon logo. I also really appreciate that this is mimicked on the lipstick itself, it gives off a more expensive finish. With each name of the lipstick on a colour swatch on the base it is easier to select the colour of your choice. The clear plastic top also provides another chance for you to check the shade before application. 

Now let's talk formula, matte finishes have really blown up in the makeup market right now and lipsticks have been produced here, there and everywhere. I like to have a mix depending on what mood I'm in but the majority of the time I gravitate towards matte because it stays on the lips longer and just generally seems less fussy. The Avon collections is one of the best I have tried. The lipsticks are so creamy and not drying, I repeat not drying - that was a major tick in one of my boxes. The pigmentation is impressive especially with the darker shades, my red was so quick and easy to apply with little layering required. They are comfortable to wear throughout the day or on a night out the staying power is good with only a small amount of transfer, meaning less frequent top ups!
Big & False Lash Volume Mascara
You may have spotted this in my recent favourites video over on my channel. I have been using this every single day since I got it. I can't quite put my finger on why I love it so much but I do. I was slightly intimidated by the brush when I first set eyes on it as it is on the bigger side but those concerns quickly vanished once I put it in to action. The mascara itself could be viewed as slightly wet during application but not to fear it does dry! There can be a slight transfer if you touch your lashes with you hand but I don't have a problem with it getting around my eye or anything like that. 

As for the packaging I'm not a massive fan of the purple colour but that's just me and it doesn't stop me from using the product. Apart from that colour I think everything else looks pretty good, I like the almost sheen effect on the plastic and the metallic font style.

 Trying to describe the finish of what this actually does is the hardest thing ever! One thing I was surprised about is how separating it is, I think with the name and wand I instantly assumed I would end up with thick or clumpy lashes and this does the complete opposite. It works best with one or two coats as when you layering I feel it looses what makes it so beautiful on the lashes. It doesn't lengthen the lashes but it provide an equal amount of product from the base to the tip making them look much more noticeable and thicker. Overall I think this is my favourite out of the four things I tried.
Glow Bronzing Pearls
I remember seeing these on the makeup counter when I was much younger and always wondered what they did. I haven't actually seen them since then and I think they lost their relevancy when bronzers and highlighter took over. Nonetheless I'm always up for trying something new and seeing what I think. 

The bronzey tone of the box is somewhat deceiving as the pearls are actually cool toned and much paler in colour. With a mixture of cream peach and light brown pearls inside I think they could've matched this better. On the other side I do understand that this is a bronzing product and they are trying to get across an element of 'tan'. I just feel as if the packaging slightly lets it down compared to the others the finish isn't as good.

The product inside is what counts though! I applied this with my real techniques angled face brush as it is perfect for lightly dusting this product over you face. I would recommend checking you haven't picked up one of the pearls in you brush though because dropping them makes a very messy experience. You can use this all over you face and body helping to give a glow effect which I can imagine looking amazing in summer. I applied it very lightly all over to avoid looking like a shiny mess and focused it more on the points where my face/body would hit the sun. It is like a more natural highlight and it has a really light reflecting effect adding some much needed radiance to my sometimes dull looking skin.
Attraction Perfume For Her
Last but not least is the Attraction perfume. I've been going a bit perfume heavy on the the blog at the minute, it's honestly a field day when I wake up and get to decide which one to wear that day - no better feeling than having options. The packaging is very elegant, I like the gold and curvy design it's something a bit different. I know this is odd but I also like that it is a bit taller and thin rather that short and wide because it makes it easier to carry on the go if I wanted too. Also great for presenting them on your dresser because the added height gives a different dimension - saddest point to make ever alert.

The fragrance is really wearable and not too strong of one particular scent. It's really soft once it settles on to the skin, with vanilla being for me what seems to be the over riding ingredient. There is also a slight mush to it again making it softer to wear. It smells pretty good if you ask me and it's refreshing if you are swapping fragrances like me to have one which isn't so highly floral, fruity or sickly sweet.

Hope you enjoyed this post of my first impression of four products from Avon Beauty. 


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