Friday, 18 March 2016

Mid Year Review | Third Year Series

On Tuesday I had my mid year review, I struggled to come to terms with the fact I'd already completed half the year and modules. Time is going so quickly it was very refreshing to sit down and review the process so far.
 We discussed my grades, positioning, what I was doing well, how I could improve etc. Like most British people I'm not often one to discuss my achievements, we tend to play down things we have done to appear modest, which I don't think is a terrible thing! However a number of you seem very interested in my course and how I'm getting on which is honestly so nice to see. I'm currently sitting on a 2:1 which with some time to digest I am very happy with. I am a perfectionist so I find hard having spent the last two years of my course getting firsts to suddenly drop slightly in my grades. I need to remember that third year is a lot harder and more work is required to achieve higher. I was also informed that my dissertation was one of the highest marks in my year group and that itself was enough to lift my spirits.

I started the year with a clear head and I think with my last project (a dragons den style pitch) I lost the element that made my dissertation so special. After a small break away and some time to myself I have been able to re-focus. It is such a boost having a very supportive family and friendship group who are constantly praising me on my work. Motivation can sometimes be hard to find when you set your standards to high as you constantly feel as if you are failing when actually what you have is still pretty amazing. When I look at how much I have learnt about myself, who I have become throughout this uni process I should be more than satisfied. 
So what now? I'm just getting into my Final Major Project which is basically setting up my own business (well plan it out). Looking back a previous projects I wanted to focus on ones I did really well in and channel that into this one. I will share this with you as well as I'm sure you are going to love my idea. Just give you a little feeling I'm thinking of calling 'POWHER' and it's everything I stand for.

I toyed with the idea - would I rather put in what was required and get an okay grade or put in two months of extremely hard work and get the grade I want? Two months is no time at all when you think about it. This may slightly influence my blog, there could be a small decline in posts/videos but I'm sure it won't be anything drastic. I know you are all very understanding of my other commitments so I do hope you stick by me as I will be back with lots more exciting content, plus its not like I'm completely stopping altogether.
Does anyone else write motivational messages around their room to make them feel better? Can't be the only person out there, nice reminder to wake up too!


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  1. Do you study with Sophia Smuth, Liam Payne's girlfriend?


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