Tuesday, 15 March 2016

3 Tips For The Same Holiday Different Experience

As you may have noticed if you keep up to date on my social media I went back to Amsterdam this month. Having only visited in November I was skeptical about how different the holiday would be and if I would enjoy it as much the second time round - truth is I did and I have three tips which may help if you are in the same boat for your next holiday.
1 | Stay Somewhere Different
This time round I stayed more central only a few stops away and we were in Dam Square. We actually were walking along with our suitcases trying to figure out were our hotel was taking in the surroundings, we glanced up and all mentioned how fancy the one were next to was "so fancy"... it was ours - Jackpot! I meant there was marble stairs, we couldn't believe our luck. Sometimes when booking online you can only hope that the place is as nice as the pictures and the reviews are true (or in some cases not). 

Although for some people hotels aren't seen as important and often just want somewhere to sleep at night, I have to admit this one truly made a difference. As beautiful as the hotel was it was the location that made the difference. I was on the complete opposite side to last time and because of that I saw things I hadn't seen before, instantly opening up more opportunities. 

2 | Go With Different People
Both trips I attended with a group of friends which is always fun and a great way to strengthen your relationship or catch up in style. Honestly the people you go with can make or break your holiday experience. I am glad both times I went I had people around me that it would be very difficult to have a bad time as we all get along so well. The first time I went with my university house mates and we were a lot more focused on the touristy destinations such as Anne Franks house, The Fault In Our Stars bench, The Heineken Factory etc. 

However when returning with my close-knit friendship group from home the atmosphere was more relaxed as the majority of us had been before separately. This meant that we could also discuss what the good things to do were and make more informed decisions. I could do things I missed last time such as the Ice Bar (post coming soon), Madame Tussades and the flower market. I soon found everything could change simply from the people you were with and you'd catch things you may not have spotted before.

3 | Greater Understanding Of Surroundings
As four out of five of us had been before we spent less time staring at maps and more time exploring. We could make the best out of our long weekend away by simply having a greater understanding of our options. Researching online is great and you can find out so much information, however finding them when you are there is the challenge. We had our moments where we got lost on the canal lined streets but it would only take a moment to find our feet again. 

We could also come more prepared for what to bring. Last time I would say my outfits were a little less practical but I opted for warmth and comfort over style, a decision I was very smug about in the ice bar. You also know more about the culture and little tips that can aid your experience which you might have learnt previously.

My dad is a person who never likes to go to the same place twice unless it's home (Jamaica) or to see family and I think he passed that on to me a little bit. I was very stuck in my ways as I would love to travel the world and to do so I always want to go to different places each holiday. This experience has shown me going twice isn't a waste at all and I completely understand how people can go to the same place every year and still have an amazing time. I hope these tips (although some a little obvious) have helped and open your mind if you, like me are going to the same place twice.


  1. LOve it! What about your university? When will u graduate? Can you tell more about it?

    1. I graduate this year, if you have a look on my previous posts you will find my 'third year series' all about my course - that will probably answer a lot of your questions! New installment coming soon x


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