Friday, 5 February 2016

Chloe Perfume

When browsing the perfume counter over summer I came across this beautiful perfume however I also thought about my rather large collection at home that I needed to get through first! Down to one bottle left by Christmas and this scent popped back in to my head perfect to bring me in to spring.
I honestly raved to everyone I knew about this perfume and the anticipation as my other bottles were slowly one by one emptying and then being removed from my counter only brought me closer to this. I think we all can admit that the packing is beyond beautiful. The ridged, clear bottle with silver embossing and pale pink tie had my eyes popping out their sockets with feelings of pure love. Chloe admittedly never disappoints with aesthetics being one of my favourite designers and this fragrance is no exception. 

I can feel myself rambling I know I could continuing talking about that for days but I'm sure what you are probably most interested in is the scent itself. It combines magnolias and peonies (yes, I repeat peonies - every bloggers dream) which with each spray provides a floral yet sophisticated smell. My mum, sister and I are very different in the scents we wear but all agreed that this one is gorgeous, so perfect to please almost anyone. I defiantly have a new favourite on my hands and I'm sure every time I spritz it over my skin in years to come it will remind me of spring summer'16.
Perfume set | Chloe

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I also got these adorable minis perfect for travelling or reapplication on the go from your handbag. The bag will be great for make-up or toiletries too, I just love it all - okay? However I can't seem to find a link for these not sure if they were only available around christmas time!


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