Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kleem Organics Intensive Rejuvenating Vitamin C Serum

I have been lucky enough to test out the Kleem Organics Intensive Rejuvenating Vitamin C Serum. It is the first in the UK to have such a high concentration of Vitamin C (20% to be exact) and I wanted to see what wonders it would do for my oily and sometimes problematic skin.

What drew me in to this product is the capability it has to protect the skin against free radicals caused by UV radiation or environmental pollution. I live in the second biggest city in the UK and often travel to and from London for events and meetings. It worries me what time of damage this can do to my skin on a daily basis and the effects which will occur following the repercussions of not looking after it. This for me is a massive selling point purely knowing I am placing a layer of protection on my skin is enough to satisfy me even if it did nothing  else.

The serum is of a light consistency which sinks in to the skin hopefully doing its job of preventing, protecting, nourishing and repairing the skin cells. One thing I have noticed after using the serum on a regular basis is a vibrant appearance. It doesn't leave any residue or strange feeling behind enabling you to continue with your everyday routine as if it wasn't there.

Having an oily skin tone I noticed that after applying it there was an elimination of excessive oil which sat on my skin leaving an oil-free base for the day ahead. This is something I value a lot especially as oil for me is a constant struggle. This is also helping to minimise the spots which would usually appear in this area. Although I still get oil at a later point in the day there is an improvement on how much when this is used.

One things that is hard not to notice is the strong citrus scent. When I was applying it one morning my sister almost flew across the room in excitement asking me what it was and how amazing it smelt. I think it adds a sweet sense of refreshment every morning and evening when I apply it.

The simple grey and silver packaging is expected, especially when it come to skincare. I love the facts that it is also informative, you'd be surprised what you could fit on the bottle! I love trying to use more organic products as well. I think it makes me feel better knowing I'm being more resourceful and supporting those who are trying to do their best for the environment. The pump distributer makes is quick and easy to apply which is ideal for on the go application. I personally use too pumps of the serum as I feel this is enough to cover my face in a light coating.

Thank you so much Kleem for gifting me this product to review, it has been a pleasure to use over the past few months!


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