Monday, 30 November 2015

How I Styled My Converse

I think easy errand outfits are what I have been wearing much more recently. I am the one in my friendship group who they always message to ask what I'm wearing as I tend to over dress for everything - whether I'm popping in to uni, out collecting my last few bits of christmas shopping or just simply going to brunch.
I think now I have had a chance to actually play with my style more I have slowly introduced more casual pieces in to my wardrobe, or in this case shoe collection. I was always afraid of not appearing fashionable or as if I had not made an effort wearing a more relaxed shoe. I also over the years became very confident in the heel department and the rare occasions I didn't wear them I felt odd. I'm happy to announce I think I'm over that stage. The more I have purchased flats the more opportunities I gained to prove my silly theory wrong.

Back in my teen years I was a frequent wearer of converse, I literally had three or four pairs that I would change daily according to my outfit. They all after so much wear and tear began to fall apart, in fact my white canvas high tops even had a hole. That goes to show how much I adored them, I have been meaning to replace them ever since but never got round to it. Recently I had my eyes on the leather pair, I love the fact they are all white - a common theme in my trainers it seems. I think the leather material also means they will be much easier to keep clean, although I have to admit they are looking too clean at present. Converse look so much better when they are worn in but I'm sure that won't take long as I'm wearing them so much. I do think however that these will last me much longer, the material will be much more durable for any activity I decide to do.

For the overall outfit, I slipped on my white skinny jeans and grey fluffy jumper for a simple throw on look. By adding this patterned monochrome jacket over my shoulders it pulled the outfit together and kept an element of sophisticated style.

What I Wore:
Jacket | H&M
Jumper | H&M
Jeans | Topshop
Bag | Boohoo
Shoes | Converse*
I would like to thank everyone over at Cloggs UK for sending me these converse to style, I love them and so appreciative of your gesture.

You can shop their converse collection here.


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