Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Everyday Make-Up

This is something which is highly requested and I'm so pleased I've finally got round to sharing my everyday make-up routine. This post entails the order of application, products used and why - enjoy!
Everyday make-up I think is very unique to each person and some vary in how much they choose to apply. I have got to a stage where I'm content with the process and outcome so more than happy to share it with you.

I always start with a fresh cleansed face. It is really important that your skin is prepped ready for application to ensure everything goes on smoothly and improves the quality of the finish. Once my face is clean I always apply a face moisturiser before applying make-up. Although at first I was worried that it would make my oily skin worse I was aware that other areas of my face were suffering from the lack of moisture therefore making it a very vital component. So lets get in to the actually make-up now...
First of all I go in with the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer which I've been using since July, hence the near empty tube. A pea size amount is brushed over my face mainly focusing in the centre to reduce redness and pore size. 

For foundation I am constantly switching this up all of the time so it's hard to pin one down. However at the moment I've been using Flawless Nude Foundation from Maybelline as it's the only one in my collection that matches my skin tone at the minute. I think it works well for everyday as it feels very light on the skin yet still has a satisfying coverage.

I apply a light dusting of Mac Foundation Fix Powder as this helps to add a little extra coverage but also helps to provide a matte finish. I often keep this in my hand bag and top up throughout the day or to mattify my t-zone.
Shade & Light
After doing your base you tend to loose the natural shade and light to your face and can end up looking a little flat or as Cheryl would say "weak, limp and lifeless". Therefore I use a few products to try and bring back some shape in to my life.

Firstly, to conceal I use the one and only Wake Me Up concealer. I rave about this a lot and it has to be one of my favourites and I've been using it for god knows how long. Concealer has to be one of my favourite steps purely for the fact it covers a multitude of sins. My eye bags are something I suffer badly with and forever battling stress the signs often show in this problem area. Apart from using it for my under eyes it also helps to bring light back in to my face. To do this I apply it on the centre of my chin, cupids bow, down my nose and on the brow bone. 

To set my concealer in place I use the One Heck Of A Blot by Soap & Glory to set it in place. This avoids it moving around your face and ruining the positioning or look you are trying to achieve. 

Recently I've also added the Sleek Face Contour Kit which is amazing! I've got a whole blog post coming your way about it very soon. I don't think it's really necessary to do a full blown contour routine everyday but I use this as more of a bronzer over my cheeks, side of my nose, temples and forehead. With strobing being a massive make-up trend right now and adding a dewy glow can all be done through highlight. I apply this to the tops of my cheeks in a c-shape and under my brow bone which helps to lift it.
I didn't really know where this could fit in so I thought I would just give them there own section. Brows are so important for shaping your face, I remember the first time I ever got mine threaded and the difference it made. I still use the same technique but I often get them tinted too. They don't lie when they say "brows are sisters not twins" although we would like them to be mine are naturally slightly different. To try and keep the in tact and looking on point I use the Soap & Glory Brow Archery pencil in Hot Chocolate. This has a brush on one end and a pencil on the other. I personally think that pencil gives better more precise results so I much prefer using them.

For eyes I again want to add light and depth to my eye. On a daily basis I use the Bourjois Smoky Quad in the purple shade. I use the white shade for my inner tear duct to help brighten up the area and open up my eyes. I then use the medium purple shade in my crease and sometimes I used the darkest shade as an eyeliner to give the appearance of fuller lashes. This colour I think works really well and although the pay off isn't up there with my Urban Decay palettes it achieves everything I want for my day to day look.

I'm also yet to find a mascara I really love. I'm a massive fan of the Lash sensational but I only have that in waterproof and find it can be a bit damaging to use on my eyelashes everyday. Recently I've been using the Miss Manga mascara and I personally wouldn't recommend it as it isn't doing anything extraordinary. If you have anything I should try do let me know you could save me from finding the perfect one!
What I put on my lips changes on a daily basis depending on so many different things including my mood, outfit, what I'm doing and so on. At the minute I tend to be reaching for Mac's Matte Finish Lipstick in 'Taupe' the most. It certainly is a your lips but better shade with an autumnal twist, so ideal for right now.
That is the run through of my day to day routine and I hope it has given you some insight to my make-up. Please do ask any questions in the comments or if you think I have missed something out, I always do my best to reply to you all. Tomorrow on my channel you will be able to watch this all in action so keep your eyes peeled!

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