Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Button Up

There is something about travelling abroad which often makes me pick up parts of their style. From what I saw when I visited Amsterdam there is certainly a slouchy casual undertone to almost every look. This alternative number was perfect to blend in to the most beautiful surroundings.
I picked up these trousers on a recent haul as I suddenly noticed the lack of availability in my wardrobe. When deciding on an outfit around this time of year I often feel my comfort blanket makes me resort to jeans almost every time. I wanted to put this to an end so my thinking was if I purchased some new but comfy options I would step out of the staple piece... I was right.

If you have followed me on here for a while I'm sure you'll know what I mean when I talk about my peachy nude scalloped trousers, if not all you have to do is look back at my other fashion posts to see how much they appear on here. When I spotted these I thought that they would make a perfect, new addition as I know a lot of you love them too. With a slightly more pink colouring and the black button detailing, I believed in love at first sight. They were a dream to wear all day, they are comfortable and fashionable - win win ladies!

I teamed it with my trusty roll neck which again barely departs from my body, it's like we are attached by glue. Sandals probably weren't the most mindful decision but they looked cute, so much so it was completely worth freezing my feet for. The leather jacket balances the feminine and masculine elements of the look giving me a rather edgy appearance. 

What I Wore:
Roll Neck | New Look
Faux Leather Jacket | H&M
Trousers | Asos
Shoes | New Look
Backpack | Asos
Ring | Pandora

Do you prefer it when I include a mixture of outfit and scenery shots? I think I will start doing it more often, helps to give you an insight into my day and the occasion I wore things for. Let me know!


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