Monday, 19 October 2015

Make-up Removal Routine

In attempt to ditch the make-up wipes and try to have more of a routine going I've been using a combination of products to remove my make-up and keep my skin healthy.
 The first few steps include this duo from Johnson's. My thought process was if they can do good stuff for babies skin they can certainly do some wonders for me. These are both part of the daily essentials range for normal skin. Although I would say I'm more on the sensitive side of the spectrum I picked these up regardless to see what I thought.

Refreshing Gel Wash
After wearing a full face make-up all day we all feel that excitement knowing when you enter those door of home sweet home you can feel completely comfortable and let your skin breathe. I tie back my hair and run the sink at a warmish temperature. I squeeze a 10p (very precise) amount of the face wash and massage it in to my skin. First it turns white and then mixes with my foundation turning it a lovely brown colour. It contains sparse exfoliating particles which makes it fine for everyday use as it's not harsh on the skin.  Once I feel all areas have been reached in my circular hand motions I rinse it off with the water. Frankly I find it quiet disturbing looking in the sink and seeing what was once on my face running down the plug hole but also relief that it is no longer there. I look up to the mirror to find that mascara down the face look I'm sure we are all to aware of, this leads us to the next step!

Refreshing Cleansing Lotion
I squirt a pea size amount (keep up with the measurements here, secretly loving every second of it) on to a cotton pad. I dap this over my face before returning to the circular motion I was doing previously. I don't know why I'm always surprised to see there is still product coming off my face but there is and it doesn't seem to stop me. Worse part is this is just day to day, nights out are unspeakable! The lotion itself is cooling and refreshing as the name suggests. If I feel it necessary I will repeat until I am happy that the make up is gone. I also like to do this part of the routine in the morning as I feel my skin is then well prepared and the perfect base for any make up look. Having oily skin as well I feel it helps to clear any oils with may hinder the application process or just in general make my skin feel not so fab.

Overall I think they work well and do the job. I just feel slightly better for thinking that I'm not using my make-up wipes as much as I know they aren't as good for you skin. Being a lover of make-up has it's consequences and ensuring you look after your skin becomes even more important. Both have easily removed waterproof products and I haven't found any fault in this area. My only problem is that they can leave a drying effect on the skin which for me isn't a problem as my natural oils are crazy, nothing a moisturising can't fix... hence the final product.
I always bang on about using skin care products from the same brand to gain a better finish and here I am going against that. I again ignored my skin type but to be far it says for all, don't judge me! The Loreal Paris product caught my eye as I was on the hunt for a moisturiser to fit my needs. Those needs include - suitable for oily skin, not add anymore oil to my already terrible situation, not effect my make-up and do wonders for my skin.

Triple Active Night
This was what I hoped would answer my prayers. I thought a night cream is perfect funnily enough I only wear it in the night when I'm tucked up in bed, that ticks the not effecting make-up box. It focuses on three things which I throughly liked the sound of. Number one hydrating, I'm terrible for drinking and eating all the things I should be (guilty as charged) and hoped that this moisturiser would help to stop showing the sins of my diet on my face. Number two protect, I like that word a lot, aren't we all looking for some security? Our skin faces so many harsh chemicals and the worse part is that some of them we actually apply voluntarily and anything that can help in the slightest is my friend. Last but not least restoring, another nice word, makes me feel as if I could go back to my skin before I started doing all of this crazy stuff to it and hormones came along! One thing I have noticed when using this product is how truly amazing my skin feels, to touch I simply cannot complain.

As you can see I'm on the very ends of this, any skincare recommendations that I must try or that you love?


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