Thursday, 3 September 2015

Love Lace

What better than a day out in London, cocktails on offer, a friends 21st birthday and a victorian inspired dress to wear? Nothing!
 These were taken on a day out in Covent Garden with my girls. I had such a lovely day although taking these blog photo's was a mission in itself. I had three of my best friends staring at me, reminding me that I'm not a celebrity and insisting no-one needs that many photo's of one outfit. As you can imagine that made it pretty had to keep a straight face when they were doing their best to put me off, I'm surprised we got one good photo!

I picked this Topshop dress up in the sale knowing I would soon find somewhere to wear it. The sun was shining and I had to take the opportunity to wear it in a summer setting before the autumn comes and tights take over (although I think this will look nice with tights too). I ceased the chance and after a spot of lunch where better to take the photo's than outside this cute hotel. The dress is stunning! I love the victorian elements to it including the lace collar and sleeves.

Being prepared I thought it would be best to take my mac just in case. My Kate Spade is literally my everyday bag, it's so perfect. I'm sure you are sick of seeing it but I think it shows you how versatile it is. The grey colour really does go with everything I style on here and day to day life. To finish off the look I opted for these blue pointed beauties. A flat comfortable pair of shoes is necessary when you are spending the day in London, even for me!

What I Wore:
Mac | Topshop
Dress | Topshop
Bag | Kate Spade
Shoes | Zara


  1. Oh my, I love this dress. In general it looks simple but the lace detailing takes it on another level. Great purchase!
    Personally, I don't mind when bloggers wear the same bag or shoes, or whatever in several blog posts. I don't expect people to be new every single day and to be honest, to me, it just doesn't look achievable to an average person. Accessories that appear more than a few times give me an impression that the blogger invested in that piece, loves it and is making most out of it that she/he can. That is true fashion inspiration to me, not new things every day although I'm sure no one would mind having endless choice.
    I hope your friends were just joking when they were waiting for you to finish taking blog photos. :D


    1. Awh good! Would love to get another as I use this one so much, hopefully one day soon! Yeah they were helping me take them was a right laugh and they are very supportive x


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