Friday, 25 September 2015

Letter To Self | Third Year Motivation

Monday is the day that my third year journey begins, I have been told by many the pain, trauma and stress that it can bring in to your life so I thought I would write a letter to myself or anyone else for that matter if they need some motivation.

It's a strange feeling knowing that I'm already entering my third year as I remember my first day at uni so vividly, how time truly does fly. If I think about how quickly that time went I'm sure I will think the same when I look back on my final year. Time is a precious thing and although I'm positive I will spend the majority of my year studying, with my head in books and become best friends with the librarian I would also like to remind myself to take time for me. There is such a thing of being over worked and being a perfectionist this is something I often encounter. Sometimes taking a break and doing things you want to could bring new inspiration and bring a fresh pair of eyes to the table which will be more beneficial than you doing anything to distract yourself, becoming queen of procrastination and thinking what if you did that thing you wanted or just took a day off. Taking a break will automatically make you feel better and If you are reading this mid break down take some time for you and come back to it. I'm not saying avoid work everyday but if you've worked your socks off and have the time to do so it really won't hurt.

Have you called the person which always helps you to see things more clearly? I find my mum and granny are surprisingly good at this task. They know you better than anyone and often are the best for advice for everything, they always tend to be right about things. I remember once at the end of my second year when I a had a project which was completely out of my comfort zone felt on the verge of giving up because it wasn't me I felt in over my head, they picked me up and guess what turns out I got a 2:1 and a 1st. If you put your mind to it you will achieve and sometimes all you need is someone to help you to see your own potential. I also find my girls a good go to get my mind off it and hearing everyone has troubles or is going through the same thing makes you feel less alone in the whole situation. They are also good to just rant to over a bottle of wine = bliss. Does wonders or if you aren't a drinker the rant makes you feel better by itself, that weight on your shoulders automatically feels slightly less.

Also a reminder of why you did this in the first place is a good final reflecting point. I've been building up to this point my whole life. I can remember knowing what I wanted to do from such a young age and here I am in my final year of education which will enable me to do so. Don't throw away all those years of work at the last hurdle because when it's over I'm told it's the best feeling and one I have to admit I am looking forward too. I want more than anything to finally be able to do the job in the industry I've always wanted. I know everyone always wishes to go back but I couldn't be more excited for the future - my job, being completely independent, having my own place and so many other things which seem so small but will shape the real beginning of your life. What you are working towards whether that be your dreams and aspirations or it maybe something completely different is a new start for you to do you.

Lastly all you can do is your best and if that is what you are doing then there isn't much more you can ask of yourself. When you go up to collect your degree you don't want to be disappointed thinking I could have worked harder and achieved better, so go on last push. You can do it, believe, have faith and you'll get there even if it feels like you won't.

Chin up, keep powering through!


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