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Bloggers Fashion Week Event @ OXO Tower

Bloggers Hangout organised a pre-fashion week event at the OXO Tower in London. I thought I would share my experience with you and let you know what I got up too!

I took the scenic route but Google Maps saved the day and I arrived just in time for the second time slot which was from 6pm-9pm. The weather was looking sightly cloudy so I was happy about the all black dress code - black heeled boots and cape, check! I arrived at the OXO Tower which I have been too previously and was excited about coming back. I have to admit it is the most beautiful place to hold an event and was thrilled to hear this is where Bloggers Fashion Week would be taking place this year. The other bloggers and I were based on the second floor but of course I had to take a few pictures of the view first.
After taking a rather nervous walk up the stairs and being ticked off the guest list it was time to go in. I can't help but feel sightly awkward at first as you almost feel overwhelmed how many other bloggers, brands etc are in one room. My last experience at this event was very successful and I met Sousky London who I recently collaborated with to do my giveaway for you all. Regardless of having this in my pocket I couldn't help or seem to budge that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

As you walked in to the event there was a buzz of bloggers and brands networking already. The minimalistic room was the prefect backdrop for the brands to showcase their products. I walked around taking pictures first to ease myself in one step at a time. After this I gave myself a mental pep talk to stop being a baby and just threw myself in there.
I split these off in to categories because I thought it would be easier to talk through rather than mixing them all up. I didn't manage to take a photo of everything but a selected a few that I thought you might like to hear about. In order of pictures:

I love benefit, the packaging is to die for. Every time I walk past one of there counters part of me wants to go slightly crazy and just get it all because of how beautiful it looks. For a while I've been seriously interested in their highlighters after seeing how they look on other people and seeing such brilliant reviews. I had so much fun trying, testing them and seeing which one would work well for me. After a very shimmery looking hand I think I may have finally come to a decision so I will be making a trip to pick that up shortly.

This is a brand I hadn't come across before and was shocked to see that they had been around already for 30 years. Although a lot of the products they sell are good for anti-aging they also pride themselves on bringing light to the skin. I have to commend them on the very chic, luxurious packaging of their skincare range. That would certainly be at the front of my bathroom cabinet. The under eye clarifying touch is what I have my heart set on, it felt lovely. I also suffer from dark circles and could do with the reducing of imperfections the item has. They were kind enough to gift me samples of their clarifying infusion cream, clarifying surge cream and a mini perfume sample. Let there be light!

Little Ondine
I cannot go a day without having my nails painted, your hands simply look so much nicer when they are. You know something is wrong with me if there isn't even a lick of nail polish on there. That made me very excited about this stand in particular. An odour free nail polish which uses natural ingredients and quick drying = sold. Literally so perfect for an on the go women like myself. They had such a beautiful selection of colours presented with a few being presented with macaroons. 

True Brit
On the topic of nails, True Brit gifted me the most beautiful shade. It is called 'Country Tweed' and I think it will be a new favourite of mine. I love a good pinky nude nail polish and I think the browny undertones of this shade will be perfect for autumn/winter. I love the chrome/gun metal colour of the packaging and the very British logo. The top two rows are nail goals!
I've been trying to up my jewellery game for a while now and these brands have provided me with so much inspiration its unreal. 

I could've talked to these girls all night long they were so easy to talk to and I just felt instantly relaxed with them and they were one of the first I spoke to which helped me to get into the swing of things. The best part about what they have to offer is that the items they sell all work together. The rings are stackable, the necklaces/bracelets interchangeable and have matching sets available. This for me is perfect as you can switch things up make them look different each time you wear them, that saves a lot of time and hassle. They gifted me a gorgeous necklace with a brown material chain and circular stoned pendent, I'm sure I'll share it in an post soon or you can see it in my video (to find my channel just search 'Aine Tagon' on Youtube).

They had me drawn to their display with a pastel display and earrings attached to sweet-like designs - very instagramable. They have a very Monica Vinder feel and I love her work so was happy to see something similar. I was gifted a pale pink pair with a gold boarder and couldn't be happier, think I will struggle to take them off. More macaroons just incase you weren't hungry enough, my mouth was watering!

Gallardo & Blaine Designs
My favourite part about this particular brand is that she personally travels to collect stones and gems for her jewellery. Who doesn't want a job they love and can travel with? It gives the designs a unique and personal touch making them very different to watch available in any high street store. The rings were my favourite of the collection and received a burgundy pearl type earring with will be ideal for this transitional season. 

Boho Betty
You only have to look at the picture to see how lovely the pieces are. The most photogenic, got that in one shot. I fell in love with a rose gold bracelet design, I cannot stop thinking about it since. Literally the most perfect bracelet I have ever seen in my life. Although that one wasn't up for grabs I was given a black beaded wrap around design which gives the illusion of two bracelets. This again makes life easier and for me so much more encouraging to wear it more often.
Save the best til last... I love a good candle. Don't think a night goes by these days when I don't light one. It has such a calming effect on me and I love the way the scent can fill the room.

Maison Ves
Seeing this stand got me seriously excited and if there was no-one else around I think I could've done a little dance to show it (don't worry I did mentally). The minimal packaging means whichever room you want it to go in it will look amazing. The major selling point of these are the hashtags surrounding the candles for different occassions or people in your life. For example my personal favourite is 'Relax' which uses:


So relatable, literally me every night. When I read them I had a little laugh to myself. You can also personalise them for presents which I think would make a wonderful gift and a lot of thought goes in to her work. She gifted me a vanilla and coconut with #bloggersrule and I can't wait to use it, keep your eyes peeled for a post soon! The truth is Maison Ves rule - just love, love, love. 

With the DJ playing music all night there wasn't a moment of silence. I actually ended up loosing my voice the morning after which shows you how much I can talk once I get going, I'm sure you are all aware of that by now! Throughout the evening there were mini catwalk shows which was the perfect way to inject some more fashion in to the event. Displaying mostly evening looks with embellishment, draping and metallics it made me excited for those winter party outfits to come.
I would like to thank Danielle from the Bloggers Hangout for having me, I had such a lovely time and also the brands involved for the generosity and for taking your time to tell me more about what you have to offer, was a pleasure.


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