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Things To Do In Ireland

On a recent visit to Ireland I thought I would fill you in on the activities I did and recommend some things for you do if you are thinking of going there, planning your week away or just want to learn more about what Ireland has to offer.
Bunratty Castle County Clare
There are plenty of Castles for you to visit in Ireland, Bunratty being one of them. This has been well preserved and there is plenty more than the castle to draw you to this particular attraction. The castle itself was originally built as a defensive fortress. It is surrounded by a small village with what would've have the local town, this includes everything from a blacksmiths to a doctors and they have staff available to involve you in activities and photographs to remember the day. With beautiful thatched cottages taking you back to the past and a well landscaped garden you can be kept throughly entertained throughout the day. There are guided tours however we just opted for the map to guide ourselves around as we wished.

Cliffs Of Moher - County Clare
This is one thing my family and I really wanted to do. I'm not really an outdoorsy person but I am so happy I did this and felt a real sense of achievement when I reached the top. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you may recognise the coast line being featured in the film once or twice as a place were Voldemort hid a Horcrux, if not then thats just an interesting fact for you! It's very uphill and on the other side a high number of steps so you may want to get your fitness levels up or like me just take a few breaks on the way up. In a way I think I took it in a lot more by doing so... looking at the positives. Overall a tiring but completely worthwhile experience, you'll never see anything else quiet like it. Try if you can go on a clear/sunny day so your vision or view isn't impaired.

Alwee Caves - County Clare
I have visited a few caves in my time although to be honest I was too young to remember, appreciate and take it all in. My parents however have informed me that we have seen much bigger and grander caves previously which made this one feel less impressive. I enjoyed the moment in the tour where they completely turned all the lights of to show us what the cave would be like before it was discovered. It was obviously pitch black but I found it somewhat nice to feel for a few moments. On the plus side it was very educational and well worth your time if you are in to your geography as you can see some of the things you have be aware of in a real life context and maybe learn something new too!

Guinness Storehouse - Dublin
It would be rude not too, don't you think? It's like the Irish cuisine. I found the day really fun and interactive through it's video clips, tasting sessions and interesting facts. You learn about the whole process from start to finish and even includes a taste test to stimulate the senses. A very easy to follow layout of the building makes it simple for you to get yourself the rooftop bar. This was one of my favourite parts as it points out some of Dublin's famous tourist destinations which you can view and have your pint at the same time. Perfect idea for a group of friends.

Grafton and O'Connell Street - Dublin
If you are into fashion and beauty this is the place for you. You can shop until you drop. There is something for everyone with your classic high street brands ranging to more upmarket stores. These are the two main streets for shopping in Dublin and there is always some form of entertainment going on as you pass through.

St Stephens Green - Dublin
In Ireland you don't have to go to far to find some greenery. St Stephen's green is great for a walk around the park or you can sit on the benches and take in the scenery. We personally went to Gino's first and treated ourselves to crepes/ice creams which was relaxing and easy going.

Galways Races - Galway
This only happens at specific times of the year so you may want to look up the dates but if you are into the racing and horse racing in particular then this could be penciled in to your schedule. For me it was the perfect excuse to dress up in a fancy outfit and fascinator. There is a lot of effort gone in to the outfits, so much so there is even a best dressed competition if that kind of thing floats your boat the prizes are amazing. You could lose a lot or win a lot, I hope it's your lucky day!

These are just the things I have done from experience and I'm sure there is other things you can add to the list with a bit of research. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them in the comment section below and I will do my best to get back to you.


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