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The Making Of Harry Potter | Warner Bros. Studios

So after a short journey to Watford Junction and a few Harry Potter pun's later including "what platform is it again, 9 and 3 quarters?" we arrived at the magical Warner Bros. Studios to see the making of my favourite thing ever! Warning inner Potter fandom is in full force.
We were blessed weather wise someone certainly cast a spell as the sun didn't stop shining all day, not that anything would've taken the smile off my face. I have been begging my friends since it opened to come along with me and they finally caved as a belated birthday day out. So put your feet up if they aren't already and welcome to the behind the scenes of Harry Potter.
I think sometimes we can all get so lost in films and often look past all the hard work, planning and creation that goes in to making something a success. When J.K Rowling started writing the books it was all imagination and over the years it has been brought to life for our pleasure of viewing. For me it was truly eye opening to see the drawings, sketches, paper models, props, wigs, make-up, costumes and everything else that makes it so mystical. 
 After a short screening you start the tour and the first room you enter is the Great Hall, probably one of the most well known. It  was also the first to be built and the largest - yes someone (by someone I mean me) was listening and taking mental notes. The excitement when the doors opened I couldn't even explain. I can vouch for the fact that my friends and I certainly didn't act our age, we were like a children at christmas! The best part is they weren't originally that hot on Harry Potter, one of my friends tried to watch them before hand to get excited and watched them in the wrong order - at least the attempt was made. They came out feeling how I've always felt before I even went in which made me feel like a boss and I take part of the credit for converting them.
The rest of the tour you can wander off to your hearts content and take a peak at anything and everything in your own time and pace. This was ideal especially as I was vlogging and also having to take pictures for this post and for the memories, I was loosing my friends left, right and centre but I'd often find them round the corner taking just as many pictures as myself. As we could all have guessed the loudest cheer was for Gryffindor, I mean kind of predictable but they are the best. I have to admit I do prefer Hufflepuff's colour scheme but I could totally sacrifice that and rock red/burgundy on this special occasion. 
You could see so many things from the different films - large or small, think of some of your favourite things, it was there. It often crossed my mind what I would do to be an extra, I mean I would happily just be a girl that sits in the back corner and that you don't really ever see, I just want to say I was in a film. Great conversation starter don't you think?
One thing I did really like was the way they had set out the the rooms and had included specific outfits to re-create some of the key scenes. This really put it in to context and helped you to visualise certain elements better. As you went round there was plenty of things to take part in and was very interactive. I'm talking wand lessons, recreating the scenes with your friends on the green screen and playing wizards chess.
I had to have a little Dolores Umbridge moment on here. Although she isn't the nicest of characters we do have something in common... our love for pink! My sister always refers to me as her because of that very reason. The lady has style!
We were lucky enough to go with the new addition, which is of course the train! Bright red, Hogwarts engraved beauty, am I right? There was steam and everything, that makes me sound so easily impressed. At this point I almost felt very overwhelmed realising how much I had already seen and thinking that we were only half way through and so much more to see! The staff were super friendly and were on hand to take some pictures although a selfie every now and again won't harm anyone.
I wouldn't look in to my eyes too closely, I will not be responsible for any spells of any nature. I had to use the elder wand, in my eyes I could be matched to no other or anything less! With sweet treats at an arms length away my mouth was seriously watering and I had to stop myself from buying everything from the Railway Shop knowing that there was another merchandise store at the end. My inner fashion student even made an appearance, I had to appreciate the presentation and graphic designs.
"Take it away Ernie, It's going to be a bumpy ride"
The knight bus scene has to be one of my favourites, I'm even saying that quote in my head, accent and all. The purple bus of dreams, would be perfect for the work commute could have some extra shut eye before a long day at the office. 
This isn't no ordinary house people, It's the famous Privet Drive. Alongside we have the classic take a picture of me knocking at the door pic, look I would've regretted it if I didn't get one so judge away. Unfortunately he wasn't in I heard after killing you know who (he who shall not be named...Voldermort... YOLO) he took a break.
After moving some chess pieces and acting very dramatically like Ron we entered the world of technology and special effects. Seriously what people can do these days is mind blowing and I need to get me some of those skills... could you imagine my Youtube videos then?
A high street that is other-worldly. The attention to detail is literally so insane, it's crazily good. Not sure if the puking pastilles would be for me though!
There it is, Hogwarts. I'm not even joking when I say I entered the room said "wow" and then almost couldn't talk for a while. I mean there really isn't any other way to describe it, just pure magic. The amount of photo's I have included in this post is probably the amount I have of Hogwarts alone but I didn't want to overload you all, I sound keen enough talking about it.
A restrained walk around the gift shop meant I narrowed it down to two things... okay I might have added another last minute at the tills, no shame. I purchased a little kitten tea cup and saucer as I had take something for my pink companion! Plus it will also look so adorable on display in my room. I picked up some peppermint toads mmm, sound yummy? Maybe not but the packaging was too beautiful not to. The last minute rope in at the till was the time turner keyring, I was so drawn to it and couldn't stop playing with it and also loved the sand timer in the centre, it just had to be mine.

I couldn't recommend going anymore even if I tried. Even my friends turned around and thanked me for making them go because it turned out they had the best day too! Now I have to go read all the books and re-watch all the films because I love the exceptionally unique story of Harry Potter.



  1. Omg this looks so amazing! I am a major HP fan as well and have been dying to go to the studio tour since it opened but I can't get anyone interested enough to go with me! It looks like you had a wonderful day though, I really can't wait to go, it really does look magical! I guess you can now say 'mischief managed' ;)

    Heather Xx

    1. It was, hopefully they will change their mind like my friends did! That last bit has made my day x


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