Monday, 13 July 2015

Gold T-Bar Sandals

These have to be my summer holiday favourites, on my recent trip abroad they made the perfect evening sandal.
If you are in the market for a some sandals, New Looks range is on point. I actually picked this pair up last year but they have re-created them again now (I'm positive it must be because of demand last year). I am also a strong believer in once you find something you like getting it in another colour, I mean if the shoes fits... I'm fully aware I have a problem when it comes to shoes but these are necessary and used often especially in this heatwave we have been having recently.

Don't blame it on the sunshine.

Sandals | New Look



  1. I believe in the same thing lol, especially if i really do love the item!


    1. Did the same thing with a top the other day! It's becoming a bad habit hehe x


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