Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Things You Do Before Going On Holiday

We always have those last minute panics before holiday... mine currently right now is trying to do blog posts for when I'm going away which is tomorrow, yet I haven't even packed yet. For a normally organised person you can only imagine what my stress levels are.
My first bump in the road was the hunt for sunglasses. I came to the realisation that its so hard to find the perfect pair. I tried some on and had such a giggle with friends over how hilarious I looked in almost every pair I tried on. The magical moment when you find the perfect pair and everyone stops laughing and says "Actually they don't look to bad" BINGO!

Denim shorts that don't fit. Every single year I have the same problem! Why is it so hard to find a pair that fit you on the waist, bum and hips? Clearly too much to ask and the disappointment from many clothing brands. You enter each shop hopeful and leave like you never want to see another pair of denim shorts in your life after the amount you have just tried on and had no luck.

That being one of my many clothes shopping melt downs. It felt like everything just wasn't working in my favour. I had a few changing room tantrums bringing in 10 items from the holiday shop in and then leaving them with the fitting room staff saying they all looked vile. Blame it on the clothes people...

The stress of a 'bikini body'. That campaign that went out round just proves how silly people can be about what the perfect body is! I mean why is there so much pressure to have this particular shape, size or whatever. I mean I started making an attempt to work out and then I was like I'm not doing it for the right reasons - if people can't handle you at Beyonce they don't deserve you at Sasha Fierce.

The amount of times you check your passport just to it is valid and you can in fact go on the holiday. Of course you also avoid your picture which had to be taken on the day of the week you didn't look your best and then have to keep it until 2024. The shame every time you walk through security and have to explain that the picture is actually you and go in to further detail about how you don't photograph well in those booths.

Just some of the dilemma's I've faced for my holiday, what are you holiday dramas?


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