Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Week In The Life | 01

Being on summer holidays currently means I am doing more interesting things with my time so I thought It would be a good time to start my ‘Week In The Life Of’ series having just returned from my holiday in Cyprus - Ayia Napa. 
We left for our journey on 17th June with a very early start getting up at 3am… killer! However knowing that is was in fact for something worth getting up for made it slightly better. The last minute scramble to pack those last minute toiletries and get ready into something airport, airplane and holiday appropriate. 

My mum kindly dropped me and my friend off to the airport before heading to work. We met my other friend there greeted with a very excited hug before the madness of trying to check our bags in, go through security, grab something to eat and board the plane. As we were up above the clouds I imagined what the holiday would be like (obviously it never goes as what you make up in your head). Once we had landed and the doors opened the rush of heat entered the cabin and my hair started to frizz the holiday feeling finally sunk in. A short journey to our hotel and a kind young man helping with my suitcase I was beginning to relax and soak up the idea of taking time off. 
The joys of unpacking and trying to save creased clothing began! We decided to go out explore and get to know our surroundings. Running out of time we decided to eat at our hotel (Green Bungalows - just incase you were wondering) to save time before the night ahead. Having nothing booked for that evening ‘the strip’ was the only plan in mind, being completely honest I don’t often let my hair down but I went in to this open minded.
A few drinks later and a meeting with the boys upstairs they said they would show us where to go after already being there a few days. The night took an unexpected turn and I have been debating whether to share this with you or not… I decided against it as It isn’t something about me personally and it wouldn't be fair to pass on information deemed private. What I will say however is that the start to the holiday wasn’t ideal or part of the plan. After going through it over and over in my mind I have decided to use it as more a learning curve and I am so proud of how I dealt with the situation.
After a lack of sleep and the relaxing element of the holiday disappearing in to the distance I worried about the next few days ahead of me. Sometimes taking a moment out for yourself is all you need and I channeled my emotions in to a book I had brought with me to read which was Still Alice (brilliant book about Alzheimers - highly recommend it, there is also a film too). Now I’m not really a massive reader apart from blogs, magazines and university books but I have to admit I throughly enjoyed reading at this point. It was a way to escape and forget about everything else. I found for once I wasn't worried about my blog, my university degree, my life, the future or really anything at all - that was nice.

Round two, this time a foam party which I ended up being at for approximately half an hour before going back to the hotel to sit in the lobby for hours after being locked out. This was turning into a mini disaster and nothing I could’ve even imagined to happen. 
New day, another fresh start. We decided to go to the beach which was about an 8 minute taxi journey from us and also completely utterly worth going. Something about being by the sea did us all some good. Even though my shoulders were catching the sun the sea not only did wonders for my skin but also for my mind. It was like it washed away my problems and I thought to myself just think about you and have a good time. 
This lead us on to the Beach party which if you are ever going to Ayia Napa I would highly recommend as I think it was by far my favourite night. Something about watching the sunset, a sex on the beach in hand and music that was just the best experience. At one point in the night they had a moment for friends and family where people could make a wish and let go of lanterns provided into the sky. So magical I can’t even put it in to words, being a sentimental person this did me the world of good and really struck a chord.

The next day was Sunday, which marked the half way point. I couldn't believe how quickly time had passed but at the same time I feel as if it was going a lot slower than other holidays I had been on (ignore me if I’m making no sense at all, in my head I get what I mean). Sundays are for relaxing and after having our pool party cancelled we just relaxed and I delved further in to my book.
The evening came and we dressed up heading out for a more sophisticated evening. A gorgeous vegetarian meal was placed in front of me which was a nice change from the pizza, omelettes and chips I’d been tucking into previously. I struggle as it is being recently told I am celiac, especially as I have had my whole life eating wheat and gluten. That on top of already being a vegetarian for 5 years thinking what was left to eat seemed like nothing. I broke the rules on holiday as I felt as if I didn’t choice - bread, pasta, pizza galore. This soon came to an end however as it wasn't doing me any favours. Anyway moving on… It was such a nice meal and the sun was setting and the thought of an early night comforted me. Although be branded the ‘boring’ one when it comes to partying I feel like I have just don’t have it in me anymore. Being ill on and off for basically the past two years I think I had a shift of mind and personality. I suppose I had to grow up a little and take control of what was important.
After the best night sleep I was fully prepared for the Pukka Up Boat Party. I have to admit drinking mid day felt slightly strange but this was much better than I thought. When I went for my first holiday without my parents 2 years ago to Ibiza we avoided all forms of boat parties worried about the ‘booze cruise’ stories we’d heard. This I can confirm was nothing like that, at all. It was literally so chilled there was food, drink and music - no games. I can’t even tell you my relief as the holiday itself was already enough out of my comfort zone. This was also something nice and different to fill up one of our days and at least it’s something I can say I’ve done.
After enjoying the famous Nissi Beach so much the first time we were determined to go again. Short on cash we thought the walk wouldn't be too long and would probably do us some good. Nearly 40mins later I’m not sure if we had the same mind set but nonetheless we had arrived. After a few hours of sunbathing next up was the Pedalo, I was so excited for this especially as we didn't get a chance to go to the water park. I know it doesn't compare but this was actually so nice and shocker of the holiday I actually got my hair wet, how wild.

Our final night was upon us and UV Paint Party had arrived. In my lifetime I had not yet experienced a paint party and I was originally not looking forward to it but as it was our finally night I thought why not. This was another favourite purely for the reason I had my two girls by my side and we were laughing. Laughing at each other and how silly we looked covered in goo, laughing at how crazy the holiday had turned out, laughing at the fact I was in a Napa’15 top I would never normally be seen dead in and laughing at basically anything and everything. We were happy and If I could have a moment to rewatch over and over in my head that would be it, hands down.

Although like everything in life this trip had its ups and downs, I believe life is one big experience and you have to make the most of everything, learn from everything and enjoy everything. Sometimes you can take what you have for granted and not savour every second. One thing I did do is live in the moment and what I take a way from this holiday may different from what my friends take away or the other holiday goers for that matter. Mine is to know when to take a break, my body literally has given me so many signs and having arrived home safely after a nights rest I feel amazing. I have found a new boost of energy for life, my future and for now.

Phew that was a long one!


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