Friday, 1 May 2015

Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Fresh Cream

So with the weather changing on us once again - It's oil season folks. Yes if you are anything like me you are probably dreading it while your make-up melts away. Finding the right base however is really important so when I saw this one from Garnier I wanted to give it a go.
Firstly I have to say the packaging really represents the product. The cream is a similar minty colour to the packaging which may be due to the fact that there is green tea in it. As soon as you apply it and it hits the skin you can instantly feel a cooling factor to the skin. Which is really nice and feel super soothing on this skin, perfect after a full day of makeup. It also sits nicely under make-up if you want to apply it in the mornings I don't feel it altered the appearance at all.

It feels really light on the skin and makes the perfect daily moisturiser and I can't ignore that. However I don't find the product mattifies my skin, especially for a long period of time. I will continue to finish the product off as I do think it works really well at keeping my skin feeling fresh but unfortunately it can't do both!
Garnier | Moisture Match
Mattifying Fresh Cream


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