Thursday, 7 May 2015

15 Problems Of A Fashion Student

With the success of my other post on 'What do you study? Fashion' I wanted to do another as I found it really fun to write and what better than another moaning murtle post? This time on the problems that face a fashion student.
One. The fact most people are impeccably dressed means that you can never really have a casual day. I mean the shock on everyones face if you were ever to turn up in joggers, they would think you had the wrong class or something. There is no such thing as dress down, which I personally enjoy as I love being fancy but sometimes it is a real pain - mainly on those early monday morning lectures.

Two. This then follows with every fashion enthusiasts motto "Beauty is pain". Who cares how high those heels are, if they are uncomfortable or rubbing they look amazing therefore you will buy them, wear them and then moan for the duration. Fashion first ladies and gents!

Three. Dreaming of Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton but your student loan can barely stretch to Topshop prices #firstworldproblems

Four. Presentation, presentation, presentation. The only 'p' you know apart from perfection. It's drilled in to you so much that it takes over your life and looking at any other sort of work is basic.

Five. When you are given your brief but it doesn't actually tell you exactly what you need to do because they want to keep it open for you to interpret and express your creativity.

Six. Pretending you like coffee to look cool and fit in with all your fashion friends.

Seven. The lack of male interaction you get because the majority of people on your course are girls.

Eight. Having to carry around an annoying large portfolio with you the majority of the time.

Nine. That cool off duty model, un-done, effortless look you want to achieve doesn't work on you. In my case a lot being short and curvy doesn't always work in my favour.

Ten. Having to work on photoshop, indesign and illustrator and they just don't want to co-operate with what you want to achieve or deicides to crash when you've nearly finished.

Eleven. When you don't get fashion week tickets and simply have to watch online... how inadequate.

Twelve. You buy something even though it's a size down or up because it's the only size left and you can't live without it.

Thirteen. When the tutors don't share the vision you have in mind for your project.

Fourteen. The fear of wearing something that is classed as 'so last year'.

Fifteen. Turning up at your uni halls and wondering where you are going to fit all of your clothes.

Any others you can think of? Leave them below! Love having a good laugh at these sort of things.



  1. You'll have to get used to having no dudes around if you get a job in fashion after school! I work in fashion retail and there's like 3 guys in my department (and they're all married)


  2. One: I'm a fashion student and we all wear joggers and trainers. It's practical when we slave away for fourteen hours a day.

    Two: Work is pain. There is no pain other than the pain of work.

    Three: We despise shopping and anything to do with it, thanks to the pain of work.

    Four: White space EVERYWHERE. It frames your work, it makes it look edgy, expensive, conceptual..... so let's spend hours making white space.

    Five: There is never a right answer, only opinion.

    Six: Bring mug and teabags to uni. Pay only 10p for hot water refills.

    Seven: Lots of male interaction as they are all gay and love to hang out with girls.

    Eight: Wheeling a suitcase into uni as if you are going on holiday. What is 'holiday'?

    Nine: The coolest look any of us can go for is the 'I had a shower today' look despite everyone knowing you spent half an hour less doing work that day.

    Ten: Being an absolute pro at Adobe suite. The only good thing to come out of an expensive, unpaid internship.

    Eleven: Only caring about GFW. Whoever has the time to watch LFW isn't doing enough work.

    Twelve: Not even enough money to cover fabrics and endless printer credit, let alone clothes for ourselves.

    Thirteen: When tutors tell you to make everything BIGGER and a part of you dies inside because that means more money to be spent.

    Fourteen: The fear of wearing something for the fourth day in a row. That means 52 hours in the same Adidas sweatshirt and sports bra is taking the biscuit.

    Fifteen: Uni halls room constantly in a state of exploded fabric, paper cuttings and glue.

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