Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer

Purple products. One in particular I'm going to talking about it today... you may have guessed from the title. I've been on the hunt for a matte primer that actually keeps my oil at bay.
It applies like a moisturiser which I like especially for every day make up. It really evens out my skin making it really easy for the foundation to be applied over the new smooth surface. It comes out of the tube in a cream/white paste which when rubbed in drys clear. I prefer a pump on make up products as its easier to get the product out but I'll get over it. 

The honest answer is that it's not for me... I mean it all starts well as usual. I think it would work well for combination skin but I just think I'm too oily for it to work well on me. My make up stays on well but I find after just an hour I can already see the oil in my t-zone starting to return, which it disappointing especially with the misleading name. It might work best in conjunction with the foundation which I will try and test and get back to you but for now the hunt isn't over.
Rimmel London | Stay Matte Primer



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