Monday, 20 April 2015

Off The Grid

Breaking the the petite rules and loving it. Like seriously I don't care if this makes me look short because it looks fabulous and thats what matters. This was perfect for the grey spell in the weather recently but I think it may be time to ditch the jumpers after this - Yay!
I am in love with these trousers, like seriously when I saw them I was like they are so nice but realistically they won't suit me. I left them on the shelf and walked away wishing I was taller. Days passed and they were still on my mind so I just thought well there is no harm in trying them on, then the inevitable happened. It is possible to fall in love with a pair of trousers you know. After some turning up and bringing in at the waist from mother dearest I was set to strut.
 Oh how I love a good mule! Feels like its been a while since I wore these babies, which is a shame because they are minimal heels from heaven. They are the most comfortable heels I own yet I always go for ones that are painful but beautiful. After wearing them again though I feel like I may go through a phase of not taking them off!

Pandora rings are my go to accessory. I never really wear anything but them or maybe a watch and the odd pair of earrings. I currently have three from them and this pearl one has to be one of my favourites. It has cute flower detailing on the side, perfect for spring.

And curly hair for a change, that doesn't happen ver often. Think I'm going to try to do it more though, getting a bit bored with the old hair.

What I Wore:
Jumper | H&M
Wide Leg Trouser | Mango
Mules | Zara
Bag | H&M
Ring | Pandora

 P.s - Mum is doing a great job of taking my blog pictures for someone who still doesn't completely know how to work my camera!



  1. I love the fringe bag. Outfit in general looks great, classy and interesting with the pants. Great job! xx

    1. Me too I can't stop wearing, has to be the most perfect accessory! Thanks x

  2. Those trousers are the dream, good thing you went back and bought them , screw the petite rules these rock and you've styled these to perfection xx

    1. Awh thank you lovely, your comment has made me smile!x

  3. I love this whole look! It's so soft and cozy. And I love your hair curled :)



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