Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How To Prepare For An Internship #InternSeries

Secured your first internship and not sure how to prepare before you start? No worries, I have some advice coming your way to help you along the way to hopefully what is your dream job.
Communication. So you already have the okay from the company you will be interning for but you need to keep in communication with them right up until you go. Plans may change and they may not be able to take you on at the times arranged so it's important you are always checking your emails just to be safe. They will probably inform you closer to the time about what will be expected of you during your placement there and you can also use this as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Accommodation. You may need to arrange accommodation during your placement whether that is at home, with friends/family or privately.  I would say it's best to be as close as possible just to make your life easier and those early mornings more bearable. This is probably best to try and arrange before you get an internship if possible just so you know you have somewhere to stay if you get it. The main head office hot spots are Leicester, Manchester and of course, London. Also if it's an area you don't know it's best to get to find out a bit about it and maybe have a day out so you feel comfortable.

Money. Some companies may offer to pay you during your placement, help with lunch or travel costs. Being away from home or your uni halls can be costly so ensure you can afford where you are planning on staying. Consider costs for the simple things like food, travel and accommodation but also the team you are working with may invite you out or something unexpected may come up which you may want to attend. This is something more to worry about if you are having to cover costs by yourself but still worth while knowing your limits. 

Journey. I always recommend doing a test journey before your first day. This will help you to gauge timings like when you need to leave in the morning and what time in the evening you will get home. I would suggest leaving about 5-10 minutes before as it looks better being slightly early than late, plus on your first day there is usually a lot to learn and squeeze in to the 9-5 so an early start doesn't do any harm - especially if you're feeling nervous. 

What To Wear. In most places there is a dress code which they will inform you about. Whether that is suit, smart casual or a specific uniform - stick to it. Don't bend the rules in the name of fashion, you want to make a good impression. Being more realistic and practical when it comes to outfit planning can actually do you some favours, lower the heel ladies (speaking from experience). Even if they say wear whatever you are comfortable in I would still dress in something slightly smart just to be on the safe side. Plus for me any opportunity to wear some of my more fancy clothes which would be a bit over the top for uni was exciting (yes, what a thrilling life I lead).

Anyway, I hope this has helped some of you in the same boat or given you a kickstart to that checklist on the run up to your first day, stay fabulous!



  1. This is a really great idea for a series! Very informative. I especially like the idea of a trial journey - something I wish I'd done for one of my internship interviews!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. Thank you, thought it would be helpful as these tips recently helped me with my internship! Always trying to add something new and different to my blog as well x

  2. Loved reading this post. I am in my first year studying Fashion Marketing/Management and currently in the process of applying for internships and it's really nerve-wracking so it's good to read some tips. Thank you!

    Freya Ella x

    1. I hope it helped and good luck, I'm sure you'll be amazing!x


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