Thursday, 9 April 2015

Gold Plated Lilac Sandal

With prom season just around the corner I thought I would take you back to mine. A-levels seems like so long ago but these shoes are still front runners when it comes to selecting something for a special occasion - especially in summer.
Obviously a pastel colour was my first choice, this is when my pastel only life began. I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous lilac colour even though it's not something that appears frequently in my wardrobe. For my second prom which is where these shoes made their debut, I wanted the focus to be all on the shoes and an investment was going to be made. 

The gold plate detail on the ankle strap was relatively new when I picked these up but I'm fully aware that by now its just the norm. So I'm sure you'll be able to find some similar ones knocking about. However the extremely thin gold stiletto just makes the shoe even more perfect to look at, although a little bit more tricky to walk in though but completely worth it! The small platform helps and also keeps the light feminine image of the shoe. 

Gold Plated Lilac Sandal | Topshop


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