Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jumpsuit Revival

Is that jumpsuit of yours in need of revamp? No spring clean needed when you can just keep wearing those oldies but goodies in new ways. Good when you are on a student budget like me! Blue skies, a pale pink jumpsuit and a summer bright lip...
Take one.
Take two.
Third time lucky!!

You wouldn't believe the troubles taking this. First the wind (which is still present in these pictures, clearly) which meant a ridiculous amount of hair in face. Not a terrible thing in my case was probably doing me some favours but it just didn't look attractive with my screwed up face poking through! 

Then rain which you wouldn't believe as the skies are so blue but trust me it absolutely chucked it down - England style. I had to pick the best of the bunch and dragged my mum out for the third time when the sun was out for about a 5 minute slot... it could be worse lets just leave it at that.
 Anyway, I love this look so easy and simple but looks so chic. Layering is something one day I hope to master with an A+, hopefully  I'm on the way there with this outfit. Not quite the weather to wear this pale pink number solo yet therefore popping a tee underneath is the perfect way to style it for spring. 

This striped high neck tee is the perfect fit to layer with. The slightly longer sleeve is a saver if it's colder than expected which is most likely unless you are some where sunny. 
 What I Wore:
Jumpsuit | Topshop
Turtle Neck | Topshop
Mules | Topshop
Clutch | Primark


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