Monday, 9 February 2015

Sunset Simplicity

So when I walked out of uni I almost couldn't believe the site before my eyes I literally looked at the girls and was like 'Oh my god, quick blog pictures'. What a beautiful backdrop huh? Nothing like a sunset, the colours reflecting on the floor from the rain just erugh, take a moment to appreciate with me!

I'm loving the smart casual vibe of this look. The easy going tee with my super comfy jeans I felt so relaxed. Added on the white longline blazer to polish up the look and my pink boots for some personality and style.

Just something about the background and the outfit that works all together so well. I'm definitely doing a good job at keep my blogging new years resolutions so far...even if I do say so myself. 
The contrast between the smart and casual is balanced perfectly making such a wearable day time look that can be recreated over and over in different colours and styles. I think it's timeless looks like this that will stick with me for the majority of my life. These little tips and tricks are also very helpful in the morning rush when you didn't remember to plan your outfit the night before.

Anyone else do that? Have set templates of what works well for them and looks they have really loved in the past? Please don't say its just me.
What I Wore:
Jacket | Primark
Top | New Look
Jeans | New Look
Boots | Zara
Bag | Zara


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