Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Frizz And Fringing

 So for me it's felt like forever since I've done a fashion post, so many days have gone by where I have been in the this isn't really a bloggable outfit phase but with this look I was determined to have something worth it. 
We had two days of sunshine I literally couldn't believe it, just made me so happy for those two amazing days of rays. It didn't last long as usual but I have to say I thought this weather was going to continue and when outfit planning this look was thrown in to the mix, note to self look at weather before leaving the flat.

Although it's fabulous my camera was kind enough to ignore the goosebumps on my legs, however I would like to think that is the reason they look slightly bigger than usual (I swear it has nothing to do with all the rubbish I've been eating lately). One thing you couldn't miss is the frizz, the rain well... I think we can see the damage. 
 Even though wearing a skirt wasn't the smartest idea I've had recently I do really love it. There is something I do have a bone to pick with though (*cough* silly TOPSHOP) they are far to short. Going to throw it out there but I'm like 5'3 and for it to fit my waist I have to get a 6 but sized up in this and still it is slightly shorter than I am comfortable with. Being known for my often modest clothing this piece certainly challenges my boundaries.

Who likes my new H&M fringe bag? I thinks its about as 70's as I will get! In pink of course. They just have some amazing stuff in at the minute. Also thought it would be nice to break up from my Kate Spade bag obsession.  
What I Wore:
Roll Neck | New Look
Skirt | Topshop
Waistcoat Topshop
Boots | New Look
Bag | H&M



  1. Look this look and your hairs gorgeous!

    1. It's the first time I've done my hair like this in ages, maybe I should do it more often xx

  2. Such a cute outfit. Need that bag!

    Jenn from jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know, I think I'm in love with it myself. I can happily sit here replying telling you how much you do need this bag because of how much I love it *runs to nearest H&M* xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit and your hair looks so pretty! :)



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