Monday, 2 February 2015

Clinique Superprimer For Deeper Skins Review

This is one from six super primers provided by Clinique in this range. All aiming to do different jobs, this one in particular is helping dullness in deeper skin tones. Others claim to combat redness, discolouration and sallowness.
Firstly, I have to address the fact it's actually a primer for darker skin tones! Like seriously I think the product is one of a kind. There is nothing out there like it for that pure reason I appreciate the effort they put in to their consumers and catering for everyone. Due to this the primer itself it slightly tinted, very similar the packaging it's encased in. 

The constancy is thick coming out of the tube but once warmed in the fingers it glides over the skin with ease. On the skin it feels really light, as if you have nothing on. However the effects I found are impressive. I have quiet bad pores on my nose and this blurs that better than any other primer I have tried. Also only having to use a pea size amount it will surprise you how long this tube will last.
I have oily skin so for me it's always a plus when I see that the make-up I'm using is oil free. I definitely think that would be something which would effect me purchasing something. It really leaves my skin feeling smooth and the fact it is tinted means If i'm having a good skin day it actually looks okay by itself. Although I do find the product to be very matte when used solo.

I think the dullness part of this primer is supposed to be put into place through the shimmer within the primer. Once it is evenly applied it looks as if it has sparkles within the primer. I could join the Cullen's if I wanted too! I don't think it makes my skin look brighter but it helps to provide a solid glow when used with a good foundation. 


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