Thursday, 8 January 2015

MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

Brows are always the topic on everyones lips. I'm not really sure why but everyone seems to be completely obsessed. Is it because of the popularity of model Cara Delevingne? Was that what got everyone thinking about their brows. Who knows?! Since the age of about 16 I opted to tame mine through threading and I never looked back. It really can transform the way your face looks. 
MUA - Make Up Academy Professional
Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

The thing is how do you keep them looking defined, full and the perfect shape but still natural. This is something I think many are still trying to find the balance of. For me I think using a powder automatically makes them look ten times more natural. If I was to use a pencil I would make sure it's really sharp and draw in individual hairs where its needed. That takes time this however is quick and easy. I find using an angled brush is the best tool for doing your brows. It helps to get a really defined shape and get the detail required.
The gel in the bottom right is clear and is perfect to keep those brows in place. There is a blonde shade on the top right and then to the left is for us darker haired girls. I leave the front of my brows free of product and then create more of a sort of ombre effect for the rest. I always finish by brushing through with a spoolie to get rid of any extra product. To be honest when it comes to brows I don't think you need to splurge they all do a very similar job (powder wise) and this one for me does what I need it too. The trick is all in how it's done.

It comes with a highlight shade also however I tend to use my own as although this lifts the brow well I like to use a lighter colour with slight shimmer. The shades are very literal, the brown is brown and well the blonde is blonde. If you prefer more of an ashy colour this may not be for you. They even threw some tweezers in for fun.


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