Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Subtle Season

This simple look was a nice breath of fresh air. Around this time of year everything can get a bit hectic and clothes get OTT (over the top, just in case you didn't know the abbreviation already) and don't get me wrong I am a massive lover of all of that! In small doses and I don't want to get fed up of it too early when there is still plenty of time to go. I just think sometimes it's nice to appreciate minimalism too, it is a nice break from all the glamour of the festive season, you know what I mean?!
What I Wore:
Hat | Topshop
Top | New Look
Jeans | Warehouse
Jacket | New Look
Boots | Boohoo
Bag | Kate Spade
Haven't worn this hat in forever. It is still a neutral colour and easy to style but I just forget it's there sometimes. Plus with the high winds at the minute the amount of times it decided to go walkies I could've cried. Okay maybe not cry but I was debating leaving it the last time I was just getting so frustrated with it blowing off! The thing is hats keep you head warm especially at this time of year and being the type that looks ridiculous in a beanie isn't easy.


  1. I love that hat looks amazing. I would get annoyed too though if it kept blowing off haha :)
    Lucy x

    1. Urgh was the most annoying this ever haha! Things we do for fashion aye!x


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