Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Leather Leggings

I love faux leather around this time of year everything just gives a nice break from jeans and is more comfy than tailored trousers. The fact it's the trim of my cape makes it match so well with the leggings. It also helps to toughen up the tropical print top.
The pops of lilac and grey in the outfit really lift the over appearance of the look. Although every now and again I love all black everything this is a really good way to add subtle colour; through a bag or a print in the top. 

What I Wore:
Cape | Forever 21
Top | Topshop
Leggings* | Leggsington
Boots | New Look
Bag | H&M
As a Merry Christmas from Leggsington they have given me a discount code for you all with 15% off by just using 'Aine' when you checkout, Enjoy!



  1. Leggings are dope! I'm loving the cape x


    1. Thanks! I do love the cape so handy as its one of my only items with a hood!x


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