Tuesday, 16 September 2014

London Fashion Week | Day Two

 What I Wore:
Jumpsuit | Topshop
Longline Jacket | Topshop
Leather Boots | Zara
Clutch | Primark
Hat | H&M
 Very grateful for these street style snaps from Street Style Focus and Mr Cavcou as I was so busy vlogging that I forgot to take pictures for my blog apart from the first one, whoops! That will be on my Youtube soon so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you both again very much and if you want to see more fashion week looks I would check out their Instagram's as they have some great shots.
 Anyways back to my look; I wanted to channel simplicity. Coco Chanel once said "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance". Keeping things monochrome always has this certain timeless effect on fashion that I love. Although some could view this look as plain for me its pretty daring. Wearing layers of one colour makes the perfect colour block scenario. This is something which is hard to pull off (I'm hoping I did) although that wasn't the only problem. Wearing such a light colour all day I decided to ban myself from a lot of food and drinks as well as not allowing myself to touch anything for the sheer fact of how clumsy I am the thought of spilling anything was enough to make me on edge for the day. 

Of course to break up the cream I added a simple black clutch and fedora which I felt really complimented the final look. It also helped to break up the outfit and add an autumnal vibe (believe it or not it is actual supposed to be the beginnings of the autumn season, not that the weather showed it). 
Think this is one of my favourite looks for a while. I wish it was fashion week everyday, something special about the atmosphere, being surrounded by inspiration and people with a common interest. For me London feels like a place where I belong and finally feel as if I 'fit in'. 

Aine x


  1. Love this look
    Absolutely stunning
    S xx

    1. Thanks, was a bit nervous about the block colour so nice to hear you liked it x

  2. I am in love withthis outfit !! xxx

    1. Thank god! Was very nervous as its so different for me x


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