Monday, 11 August 2014

Mint Madness

 What I Wore:
Top | New Look
Trousers | Mango
Mules | Topshop
Bag | H&M
Oh my I am actually so sorry whislt writing these posts its starting to dawn on me how my blog is having a mint overload at the minute and I'm not even attempting to break these posts up, I'm not sure whats come over me! Hadn't even noticed until putting my posts together I was like urmmm... THATS A LOT OF MINT!!

What I'm not apologising for however are the outfits, this one is just beautiful. I felt like I should've been abroad on a yacht somewhere sipping cocktails living the life, wasn't like that at all but a girl can dream! These trousers a just tailoring heaven. Fit is amazing and the detailing is just to die for, mango did me proud. The girls at work felt like I deserved at least an office job in this look. Perfect summer look.

Aine x

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