Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I Only Want You To Love Me

Miles Aldridge:
I Only Want You To Love Me
10 July– 29 September 2013
Wow! That's how I'm going to start this post. I was aware of Miles Aldridge briefly before, one of those heard the name situations seen an image or two but couldn't really put a face to name and all that jazz. I definitely know him now, what an amazing fashion photographer. I feel almost ashamed for not knowing him before as I have been missing out on some incredible work. I think I literally walked round the exhibition with my mouth wide open - was slightly gob smacked. I loved looking at the pop art style work he creates and the colours were so bold. I admire the way he captures women and makes them so glamorous, flawless and beautiful. There was no photography allowed as they were selling postcards, books and other merchandise. If you want to see some of his images Google will be your new best friend, but seriously take a look because his work is simply incredible.
The exhibition is now sadly over I literally got in 2 days before it finished so I was very fortunate. It was held at Somerset House and the thought that London Fashion Week was here just a few weeks before was so surreal.

Aine x

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