Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Feminist For Fashion?

With the rise of slogan tee's that make powerful statements I began to question whether brands are are using this feminist movement to benefit their sales. By selling this 'girl power' image they are gaining followers and increasing profits for themselves, however if they truly believed in the cause why are they not practicing what they preach.
I don't think it has gone unnoticed that fashion companies are launching these feminism orientated items without much thought to how they could help to actually improve the problem. There are rarely donations or proceeds to feminist charities or female related organisations which would make a much more positive impact for all rather than just the companies pocket. Often these business are also guilty of promoting the same type of woman throughout their marketing. The lack of diversity they show just adds to my frustration because they are actually part of the issue. Yes these tops are great for awareness but that just isn't enough.

To be fair, brands are not the only ones to blame. There are people buying in to this popular trend yet don't themselves follow a feminist lifestyle or believe in what it stands for. It is like the whole band tee scenario, you wear it because it's on trend not necessarily because you are their number one fan. I mean there isn't a rule book to follow and a lot of people are still confused about what being a feminist is. I think there are certain elements that people find more relatable and easy to get their head around making it much simpler to process. However, for some they might support one part but not the rest. At this point I began to think that feminism was more of a discussion with the ability to achieve progress through mindset and from this alter peoples actions.
It is not about being perfect in the belief, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you have to in order to differentiate what is wrong or right. It is about being unapologetically yourself and accepting those who are doing the same. I think a picture is painted that to be a feminist you have to get on with everyone when in actually fact that is impossible. The important thing to recognise is that fashion is using it's voice, whether it is false is up to them to prove.

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