Thursday, 2 February 2017

What You Can Control Everyday To Make It Better

We all have our good days and our bad days it's part of life. However there are somethings I think we can overlook which can completely change our perspective. Below is a list of five things that if we focus on them enough they could make everyday look far brighter. 

First thing is first, attitude. If you think about it, we can all be guilty of starting the day with a negative thought. We are tired, wanting to snooze the alarm for another five minutes simply isn't enough, we want to switch it off and curl up in our comfy duvet and stay there until we are ready to rise. Maybe it's been a restless night or you've been working yourself too hard with over time, either way how we start our day makes a big impact on how it goes. If we feed our brain negative thoughts about things that haven't even happened yet we aren't entering our day open-minded or to the best of our ability. Positive re-enforcement works wonders for you and for your day. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!

Words have much more power than you think. What you say can be just as important as what you do. We can often open our mouths without even thinking first about what we are about to say, sometimes getting us in to sticky situations. On the other hand it could be the things you don't say, like a simple gesture of saying "good morning" to every person you see on the way in to the office. Not only does it make you more sociable and alert but it could also transform their start to the day. One thing to help raise your own spirit is to help others! Try telling a loved one how much they mean to you, complimenting a friend and don't forget what you tell yourself. You matter too.

One thing I think we have lost slightly is manners. You don't hear them around as much anymore which I think is a real shame. Being polite is a very likeable characteristic. It takes no skin off your back to say your "please" and "thank you's". There is nothing more frustrating when you do something for someone and they show no gratitude what so ever, next time you ask for a favour they may not be as willing to help. Those are just the basics but that is better than nothing! Opening doors, offering a helping hand and niceties seem to have faded away, you will make an incredible impression if you keep them alive.
You can't always change what has happened but you can change how you handle it, that is why action is so important. Saying you will do something is great but doing it is even better. It's all about perspective, even if it doesn't work out, you have made a start and this is just the beginning. Those around you can also see you are trying and that it what matters most. I mean they don't have the saying "action speaks louder than words" for no reason. Sometimes it's not enough to say something, you have to show them.

Last but certainly no least is effort which kind of ties in to the last point. I truly believe what you put in you get out. I have seen living proof of it! If you work hard enough and dedicate yourself fully to something you will get there, you just have to want it enough. A bit of enthusiasm can go a long way. If you love something and are passionate about it that will shine through. Life can be tough but your motivation should make you want to put in 110 everyday, if it doesn't then aim higher.

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I hope you liked my 5 things you can control everyday to make it better, let me know if you have any below!


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