Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Autumn Staple: Gilet

Every autumn season I gravitate towards the gilet. It's no surprise I have picked up a new one for this year and I plan on sharing this warm and fuzzy partner in crime with you in todays post.
You may notice if you have been following me a while my fondness of the sleeveless jacket design. I have a few in a variety of lengths, most of which involving some form of faux fur. One day I went shopping with my mum as she was picking up a few bits for herself I saw this gilet out of the corner of my eye. Obviously I was right over there in minutes checking it out and making all the 'ooooo' 'ahhh' sounds at how soft it was to touch. Naturally I tried it on and instantly felt the heat it provided = sold.

This style reappears over and over yet I have never felt the need to pick up this more classic design until now. The brown suede-like outer material works well with transitional wardrobe. The faux shearling inside was cosy enough to rope me in but the contrasting cream colour makes it worthy of a gold star. As the lapels are on the large side this really shows off the lining, it also links the seam detail in beautifully. Even better it has pockets! 
One thing that does make this one slightly different to others I've seen previously is the longline length. They have cleverly dipped the hem at the back, helping to shape the front to hang just right. I've worn it as it comes but I bet it would also look great styled with a thick waist belt to nip you in at the waist. 

On this occasion I opted to wear it with a simple jumper, black jean and boots. The boots compliment the colours of the lining, whilst the jeans add some contrast and break up the look. The pale pink fringed bag adds a bohemian feel, which I think brings the whole look together.

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