Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How To Make The Most Of Your Jewellery

I often find myself in a jewellery dilemma where I simply don't wear it or wear the same piece for days or maybe even months at a time because it became too much of a fuss in the mornings. In hope to make more of an effort in this department I changed up my storage and thought I would share my new tips and tricks just incase you are currently in the same rut.

 I think a real time saver is having your jewellery where you can see it. I was guilty of having multiple boxes within one big box and it was a nightmare trying to find the item I was looking for. When I actually took everything out of the box I found so many forgotten gems that have been under wraps for far to long. Much like I did with my wardrobe, hanging and displaying everything shows you exactly what you've got to work with, making getting ready a quicker process. No longer will I have to skip adding the finishing touches or stick with the same ones for months on end.

So first of all you want to separate all of your jewellery in to necklaces, bracelets/watches, rings and earrings. I had a look online to see popular ways I could display each item and then purchased a few bits and bobs over time which has enabled me to get full use out of my accessories. One of the first things I got was the little quote dish. This works really well by your bed side to put on your favourite or most worn pieces on. I think this idea is genius because it's there in font of you every morning as a little reminder and also I adore the 'make your life beautiful and fill it with laughter and love' quote. My mum has since adapted this tip for herself and she swears by it, especially if you don't like sleeping in jewellery or it is more of an uncomfortable piece.

Since loving the other dish so much I later converted this love heart candle in to my ring holder. After burning it I just cleaned out the remainder of the wax and popped them all in. How simple is that? I like that it's clear it means you can see everything clearly and it doesn't take away from any of the designs. For me rings are my most worn item of jewellery so this is certainly my most loved storage (not supposed to be a pun on the heart shape, I swear). 
I'm still yet to find the perfect storage for my earrings but they are currently in a Professor Umbridge mug I purchased from a Harry Potter Studios visit. A little cup and saucer can be an alternative to the dish, I think it works just as well and adds a little vintage retro styling in to the mix.

After really falling for these storage solutions I wanted something more specific for my necklaces and bracelets. A pinterest search later and I was actually going to D.I.Y one on the inside of my wardrobe. I was telling my parents about it, mostly asking my dad for advice when my mum interrupted with something she had seen that would be much easier that what I had planned. The next day she came home with this beautiful 'jewellery' cut out hook holder. It was literally exactly what I wanted and the shabby chic design matches my room so well. Saved me a lot of hard work, I was able to avoid drilling holes in to my door yet still get something I had pictured in my mind - yay! The hook concept makes it so easy to just hang up all your necklaces and take them off as and when you please. Massive thumbs up from me.

The final piece of the puzzle was my bracelet holder which was an early hours of the morning purchase I found when browsing Ebay. I wasn't 100% sure at first but after putting my bracelets I completely changed my mind. It looks really simple but once you have put on all your bracelets it brings the holder to life. I think because mine is plain and white it doesn't restrict the pieces I put on it.
Like what you see? 
I've linked some similar items below for you!
Do you have any tips for making the most of your jewellery? Let me know in the comments.



  1. This is such a great aesthetic! I love your earring collection! x


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