Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation And Radiant Creamy Concealer Review

For me it seemed like I've always spent so much on palettes and lipsticks yet not once have I invested in a good base. Some could say what's the point if you haven't even got your base right and well I agree. I have always liked Nars as a brand and wanted to test out two of their most talked about duo's.
Sheer Glow Foundation
I have been meaning to pick this foundation up forever! I feel like everyone I've asked recommended this as their favourite foundation when I was debating which one to get. I finally got round to actually getting it and perfect timing too as I was about to run out. So I started using it right away alongside my new beauty blender which is working a real treat. I have to address the slightly annoying packaging and by the I'm referring to the pouring technique you have to use to get the product out. I mean I would've loved a pump and I'm sure you can buy one to attach to it, just a slight inconvenience. The frosted glass bottle, simple branding and contrasting black lids is minimal galore and sits really nicely alongside other products.

As for the actual foundation when It's first applied I could not fault it. The colour match is probably the best I've ever found, which is shade Cadiz in case you were wondering. The finish is more of a medium coverage so I wouldn't be put off by the 'sheer' name as you can build it up or leave it as it is, whichever you are most comfortable. For me I'm having lots of good skin days recently so I've only really needed a light layer. Although it looked very beautiful I did find myself having to powder more than usual. I did worry that as a glowy foundation on top of oily skin it could end up a disaster but it's nothing powder can't solve. Overall I do really like the foundation I think it makes my skin appear healthy, natural and well everything you want your skin to be! Just wish they had a version for those with oily skin, maybe something they will bring out in the future.
Radiant Creamy Concealer
I haven't changed concealer in years so this was a bold step for me but one I was willing to make. Everything about this sounds dreamy, who doesn't want radiant under eyes with a creamy texture? If you don't want that, I'm 100% lost. I picked this up in two shades lighter (Biscuit) as that is always suggested to get the full brightened effect. This again is a perfect match for my skin tone and blends so easily with the foundation. Together they make on heck of a beautiful base, I would happily go out in just that a touch of mascara.

The concealer manages to keep the glow in the skin and it certainly is something I would describe as having radiance properties. It does what it says on the tin so I can hardly be disappointed with that. Think we have a new favourite!
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  1. I have been desperate to try NARS concealer after seeing such rave reviews, I am popping into town next week so I will be sure to have a look!

    1. Would love to know what you think! Hope you like it as much as I do x


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