Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Perks Of Wearing A Hat

I'm not shy when it comes to wearing hats and I have quiet the collection now. This pink style is my most recent addition which you may have seen in my recent haul video! I just love wearing hats and thought I would do a post about why...

I throw on a hat for a number of different reasons - sometimes because I want to add another dimension to a look, add so height to my 5'2 frame, to cover up my hair which isn't co-operating or is on the greasy side (FYI I had just washed my hair when I shot this) and more. It is amazing for hiding a multitude of sins but also making you look well presented as if you had out it a lot of effort which is exactly what I need right now. As you have probably noticed I have been super busy which is the reason for my decrease in posts... two weeks and then only one project left to go and then no more uni!

Anyway back to the hat. I have been experimenting recently as I always wear the same style I have over and over which is the black bee keeper style you've probably seen far too much on here now. Apart from that I now live in my pink beanie, however as we are moving into spring I wanted to keep the pale colour but find a more appropriate style. I saw this one when I was on holiday in Amsterdam with my friends and it was worth buying it, traipsing it around all day and then having to wear it on the flight home as it would've got ruined in my luggage. I mean I think that tells you how much I liked the hat to go through all that.
I styled it with a really easy going look of a jumper and boyfriend jeans. Everything is so hectic at the minute that I'm going for all the easy looks that take little time and effort to put together. By adding interest with my accessories I keep up appearances but I'm also just as comfortable when I get back from my half day and just have a plain jumper and jeans on. Not everyday "fashion"!

What I Wore:
Hat | Forever 21
Jumper | Primark
Jeans | New Look
Bag | H&M
Shoes | Topshop
Ring | Pandora

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