Saturday, 2 April 2016

How To Bare Your Back In Style

I can't believe the sunshine we seem to be getting at the minute! Although we aren't in non-jacket weather I thought I would talk about one of my favourite fashion details - an exposed back. Not only will I discuss this top but the tricks I use to keep it classy.

Having an on the larger size bust I have never really felt 100% comfortable wearing low cut tops. I'm sure some of you bigger boobed girls will get what I mean, they tend to just take over the outfit sometimes, if not that then I'm constantly tugging at my top trying to put them back in or the fact my friends will comment on how good they look whilst I stand there feeling rather embarrassed by the attention and flood of comments. I think this had a massive impact on the things I've purchased over the years. I looked for a replacement which has the same 'sexy' kind of feel - cringing at the fact I just used sexy but I couldn't think of another word. Something I think that works well is back detailing, since discovering that I grew an obsession with low backs or some form of detailing. 

This top I actually picked up in Milan almost two years ago but made the perfect example. The simple string racer back design is ideal for throwing on for everyday wear, it is comfortable, goes with everything and looks amazing! I've also got this in a nude colour, I just seem to be alternating them recently. I know low back tops can have a bad rep for normally the bra difficulties that follow but in all honestly it isn't really something that bothers me. The thin straps are mimicked in the mule design with makes a heavenly match. 
I paired it with this straight leg trouser which helps to balance the look. The black buttons running along the side help to tie together the individual pieces. I placed a jacket on my shoulders which I have to admit makes a killer reveal when you take it off - I love a good "Wow" moment.

What I Wore:
Jacket | H&M
Racer Back Vest | Zara
Trousers | Asos
Mules | Zara
Bag | Have Best*

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