Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Ice Bar Experience

I remember when I was much younger and I finding out about the Ice Bar in London and I thought it was one of the coolest things going. I said from that point on I wanted to go when I was old enough but it was never something I got round to. The opportunity arose the first time I went to Amsterdam but we just ran out of time so I made sure we squeezed it in this time!
As you enter there is an area where you can still feel your toes and have a cocktail of your choice. I went for a Mojito and we sat waiting for everyone in our session to arrive and join together as one group. After around twenty minutes we were gathered to watch a small clip about the journey we were about to embark on, I love a bit of role play me. Wishing the actor was Johnny Depp though rather than some random pirate's ship, enjoyable way to start the process nonetheless. 

Then after the ring of the bell it's time to layer up, luckily I already had about six layers on (including thermals) and I would strongly suggest wearing something warm, you are about to go in a room of ice. On top of that they provide you with a very oversized puffa jacket and gloves to keep you relatively warm.
After you are dressed you are ready to enter the ice bar. At the start you are given three tokens one gold for your cocktail which I had prior to going in and two silver coins. The silver coins can be used in the ice bar for either a beer or shot of vodka, which is all included in the ticket price. The alcohol certainly helps with the -9.4 room temperature. I opted for two vanilla vodka shots in my shot glass made from ice as beer isn't really to my taste. 

You are only in the room for about twenty minutes, which is enough as by that point all you want is some warmth. There is plenty to keep your eyes occupied with ice sculptures and perfect way to start a night out with friends which is what we did. Another thing ticked off my bucket list!


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