Thursday, 7 January 2016

Layer By Layer

Layering is a trend I've always tried to do but not sure if I do it to little or to over the top... it can get confusing. Then I found some subtle ways to give the effect of layering without having to put all the effort in to get it right - yay!
This longline sleeveless jacket was what started it all off for me. It caught my eye in the window so I had to go in and hunt it down, it was almost a natural instinct. Then before I knew it I was trying it on when I wasn't even supposed to be shopping, so with my sensible head I walked away (I know I can't believe it either). I had serious regret rushing through my veins, I could not get it out of my head, if thats not a sign to go back I'm not sure what is.

I was drawn the the faux fur panels on the front it adds a luxe finish to the piece. It only got better when I discovered it had pockets. I have a few of these designs in my wardrobe which I wear frequently, none of them are black though and the appeal of how more wearable it would be got the better of me.

I mixed the outfit with these leggings that have a suede panel on the front. They are so soft I literally sit there and get distracted brushing it in different directions - easily amused me. The funny part is when someone spots me doing it and then asks if they can feel, it's happened believe me. 

What I Wore:
Top | Primark
Sleeveless Jacket | New Look
Leggings | New Look
Boots | Boohoo
Gloves | Primark
Bag | Kate Spade

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