Thursday, 21 January 2016

Brighten Up Your Winter Looks

Looking back I couldn't help but notice the all black everything that has consumed my outfit posts since winter hit. Although black has done me well the past few weeks I wanted to mix in some softer tones to brighten up my winter wardrobe.
Sorry for the lack of posts and interaction recently I've been pushing out the ones I had saved in my drafts whilst I sat at home in bed suffering with the flu and mucus cough, lovely. As I typed away on my death bed ensuring you had some form of content, I was mostly frustrated with the fact I had no pictures to hand and I wasn't exactly looking or feeling the part. On a medicine run I actually managed to get dressed and look half presentable to get an outfit post up - Hallelujah.

These days this is the kind of outfit you will catch me in. A throw on knitted item is basically a must with the wintery weather which is finally upon us. This dress in a nude camel shade is one of my favourites, so easy to style, wear and disguise the very unfashionable thermals underneath. Keeping things bright I added this cream biker which I haven't worn in ages - think this outfit just reignited the love. 

I was one of those girls who never wore beanies because I didn't think they suited me, but in an attempt to add more casual items into my wardrobe gave it a try. This off pink shade suits me so well and the fluffy pom pom was an added extra. Perfect to accessory to keep you cosy!
What I Wore:
Hat | Topshop
Jumper Dress | Primark
Cream Biker Jacket | H&M
Bag | Zara
Shoes | Topshop
Flower Ring | Pandora
Silver Rings | River Island



  1. I love your outfit Aine and that lip colour really suits you :) xx


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