Saturday, 19 December 2015

Ciate Liquid Velvet Lip Slicks

We all know and love Ciate for what they have done to our nails. Recently they have expanded their range in the beauty department much further including collaborations and christmas specials so I thought I would test the water and feedback to you.
The first shade of the trio is this coral tone. This colour would work so much better with a lip liner as I think these light, bright shades need more definition or maybe layered to create an ombre would work amazingly! Personally the shade seems a bit miss placed for this time of year but come spring summer I'm sure I'll get much more wear. 
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This shade is beautiful, I don't own anything like it. It's a lovely plum shade with a rosey feel. I love this definitely would've been an autumn favourite if I had it then. It's a nice alternative if you like a darker lip but aren't a big fan of reds or browns. There is a purple to suit everyone and this one is exclusive to this set!
I recently stepped out of my comfort zone buying my first ever red lipstick and couldn't believe how much I loved it. When trying this I was much more positive due to my newly found fondness of the shade, hence the smiley facial expression. It is a very classic, true red shade, perfect to make a statement. Plus the name is awesome, you have to wear red with confidence.
The finish is matte which makes them seriously long lasting but not so much so that you can't take it off when you wish. They apply almost like a gloss and then set matte making it super easy to apply. I just had to top up after meals and found the inner lip would get effected when drinking but that is completely normally for most. Nothing a little top up can't solve! The colour is highly pigmented I was so shocked - I will definitely be trying more from Ciate's make-up range in the future. However you do have to watch out, especially with the darker colours for smudging or transfer on your hands or round your mouth, don't want you ruining that party outfit.

I love that you can hand it on the tree, would make the perfect gift for someone who loves testing make-up, Would also fit perfectly in to a stocking. I mean you get three in this cute packaging to test try and I'm sure you could find at least one shade you love.


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