Friday, 27 November 2015

How I Spent My Time In Amsterdam | Day Two

So it was my second and last day in Amsterdam and still so many things left to do. After an early morning and late night it's possible we missed breakfast from sleeping in. Blame it on the snooze button. That didn't stop us cramming lots in to our day though, see what I did on day two...
First stop, breakfast, obviously. Although I had a crepe on the way home the night before I couldn't turn down having a waffle for brunch. It was filling and high in energy, exactly what I needed. I like to think in my head that the strawberries balance it out calorie wise! I'd come to notice as well Mocha's were not a common drink so was forever buying a hot chocolate and an espresso then mixing them together.

Next up another museum on the list, however, this could prove slightly controversial so to pre-warn it is the Sex Museum and I won't get offended if you want to skip this part, I've kept it very friendly and easy on the eyes compared to some of what I saw!

The sex museum was always going to be a laugh, especially with friends. I know some people may think it to be slightly crude and uncomfortable but there are only certain parts that were a bit odd, they are also sign posted if they could be offensive so you can avoid them if you wish. Plus being with people you know as well as I know my flatmates makes it more bearable if it isn't your type of thing. It didn't take long at all as it was relatively small so perfect thing to do to fill a small time slot. May not be for everyone but I found it rather amusing, maybe not one for that family - something not right about having a male gentile as a seat!
We planned to spend the afternoon shopping which was ideal with the weather being hit and miss. A purchase of an umbrella was necessary almost like we brought the English weather along with us. Didn't rain as much as it was forecasted though so I can't really complain. 

After looking around we came across this shopping centre which was just off of the square. It was beautifully decorated with a variety of different stores. A lot of them were independent stores which had numerous concessions within them. This was nice to see a real mix of the fashion there and as that is my main passion I had a great time soaking up new inspiration. I even treated myself to a new top which I'm sure I will feature in a haul soon, if not another blog post.
Since starting my blog, even more so my Youtube I have taken a real interest in beauty products. Before I would never have dreamed of splurging so much on make-up because I never really saw the point and even though I can't imagine myself not using drugstore make-up it's nice to mix things up every now and again. I've been loving my mac lipsticks that I picked up not so long ago and as they are similar shades I was on the hunt for some new ones.

I firstly opted for a pinky nude as the ones I have got are slightly more on the brown end of the scale. With christmas just round the corner too I thought I would try a red. Red is usually a colour I shy away from as it certainly makes a statement. I don't think I will be wearing red items of clothing any time soon but I think a lipstick I can handle.
As the shopping finished earlier than expected there was a quick dash to see what else we would be able to fit in on our last few hours. Although none of us really like beer we decided upon the Heineken Brewery. I assured them if it was anything like the Guinness Factory (Dublin) it would be great fun and we would all be pleasantly surprised despite the fact it wasn't to our taste.

We arrived at a time when the Christmas decorations had crept in to the presentation and it reminded me of the fact it's just round the corner now. I know I haven't managed to really make things that festive on here so I have got a little sprinkle now!

The queue was a lot longer than we had anticipated but you could just purchase your ticket online and skip past, which is what we did as we were cutting it fine with closing time.
At the beginning it stated the history behind the beer which was actually nice to have a quick glance at as I think it's fair to say my beer knowledge is very poor. It's always nice to see how things evolve over time as well, how something so small and unique can grow in to something much bigger than they could've expected when starting out.
The brewery itself was heaven for me. Copper everything, I think a little part of me died inside. So photogenic making it great for pictures of your trip with you and your friends/family. There was things you could move, turn, twist and more. The interactive element made it really fun and kept you busy and alert throughout the process. 
As if that wasn't enough you went in to an interactive cinema room where you and a small group would watch and feel what it was really like. You would get mixed, bottled, capped and transported through a sensory experience which was the highlight for me. It was really unique I've never seen anything like that else where and the girls loved it too! 

After that it was the taste session. We were taught the proper way to taste the beer and could win an extra cup for guessing the questions asked by the member of staff right. We weren't exactly jumping for another glass as we barely finished that one but was still great fun. It was interesting to hear all the science behind the foam and things like that, it's true that you learn something new everyday.

Finally they went through a bit more marketing and their links with particular themes like rugby for example. There was so many different sections to walk through, again interactive and more opportunities for pictures. You also receive two free beers at the bar at the end of the whole experience but we gave that a miss, the tester was enough for us. If you like beer though I'm sure it would make your day. 

After so much rushing around we stopped at an Italian on the way home just for some connivance food which we could all agree on. We were back in to the hotel by half nine ready to leave at 3am to get our flight. Although it was seem rushed we managed to fit a lot in to two days, I think it's all about time management and prioritising what you really want to do to get the most out of your holiday. I seriously had the best time and I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experience on both day one and two. I have vlogs of both days going up on my Youtube channel soon so keep your eyes peeled for those!


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