Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Mint Duffle Coat

Gosh, It's been a while! This lack of inspiration is seriously holding me back in the month of March. The worst bit is I'm currently surrounded by very inspirational people and some of the things that have happened in the past couple of weeks have been very exciting and I'm feeling the buzz but just so wrapped up in it all I don't even know where to start to even attempt to write it all down.

On the other hand at least we have a post and it's an outfit I'm loving. The attempts made to blog this outfit is insane but this is the best time out of the bunch due to the  typical British weather.
If you follow me on twitter (@AineTagon) you'll be fully aware that I snapped up this bargain coat from Primark, you would not believe the price. I get that its nearly summer and all so obviously coat prices will drop but this was £10 and no I know what you're thinking, it's not a typo, I swear. Mind boggled. I'm not normally a practical person especially when it comes to fashion! At least now I own a proper coat, with a hood, it's warm (believe it or not) and I actually love it, who knew this day would ever come for me? My mum is so proud!

Paired with a cosy cream knit and a tailored trouser I didn't feel to far from the norm. Plus this colour palette is everything... don't you think?
These New Look heels were a steal. I looked at them and wondered, hoped would they match the colour of my Kate Spade and they are identical. The height is perfect for me and really easy to walk in all day. Apparently they have added something to make them more comfy and whatever they've done, I approve. Sometimes the rules like match your bag with your shoes isn't something I always tend to follow or many others for the matter but here I can see how it brings the whole look together.
What I Wore:
Coat | Primark
Jumper | Primark
Trousers | Topshop
Heels | New Look
Bag | Kate Spade


  1. Cute coat and what a bargain!

    Love the outfit and love your style

    1. I know one of those amazing finds that I very rarely ever see!x

  2. Gorgeous outfit! That coat is so pretty and looks more expensive than Primark! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks Helen, I still can't believe it. Such a good buy, I'm chuffed!x


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