Saturday, 17 January 2015

Loreal True Match Foundation

I think we are always on the search for a new favourite foundation. I mean who doesn't want to appear as if they have perfect skin? Sometimes there are so many products out there that say they can provide you with flawless looking skin and sadly many don't live up to expectations. I recently discover the Loreal True Match foundation. I had heard so many people raving about it on Youtube that I thought well lets give it a go. Now I see exactly what they mean. 
True Match Foundation
Shade | Amber

For me the main struggle has been finding a colour match. I find a lot of darker skin toned foundations tend to look more orange which isn't very flattering and not at all a true representation of my skin tone. When these first came out I brushed it over as another foundation which claims it would cater for everyone but turns out that means everyone but me. Too dark, too light, never perfect but my time has come. I finally found it! I couldn't believe that a £9.99 foundation would be the one but it is.
The way the foundation blends is just beautiful and it can build up to a medium coverage and still look natural. It's seriously a dream, I'm scared I will wake up one day and people will be like what foundation? Like seriously for the money the qualities I just can't get my head around it all. I do find it has broken me out slightly but I'm not sure if my skin just needs to adjust.

Obviously being under Estee Lauders wing there is a lot of people saying it's a dupe for the double wear foundation at a fraction of the price. The packaging is rather impressive for a drugstore product. Glass bottle, pretty pump etc, impressive. This would make the perfect everyday foundation, then you can save your more luxurious items for when you have a special occasion. I like doing that because then It feels more special.
What's your favourite foundation? Let me know, you can never have to many, right?


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