Friday, 26 December 2014

Jumper Jewels

Just a few snaps mainly focusing on these beautiful boots and because I wasn't happy with any of the pictures as the lightening ruins my life. Trying to get it at the right time, blogger troubles, you feel me? Bring on long days and the easy life so I know it's not a myth! I love wearing pinks and nude colours still in winter. I don't ever stop wearing something because I think it's to summery! It's all about how can I wear this to make it more winter appropriate. This helps especially in my case as my summer wardrobe is significantly bigger than my winter one. I'm trying my best to invest now though, well thats they excuse I'm using.
I added a glimmer of me in these New Look boots I recently purchased. I love the element of surprise the heel gives and completely transforms any plain, dull outfit. Also hey to the guy featured in the back of the majority of these images, way to ruin the blog photos aye!

What I Wore:
Jacket | Zara
Jumper | H&M
Jeans | Warehouse
Boots | New Look
Bag | Zara



  1. Great outfit, I really like your blog. Just been reading it for 30 mins. :) x


    1. Thank you, means a lot! Hope you enjoyed your other reads here too x


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