Thursday, 6 November 2014

Aine's Autumnal

What I Wore:
Hat | Topshop
Blouse | Miss Selfridge
Jeans | New Look
Boots | New Look
Bag | Kate Spade
Watch | Vivienne Westwood
 Urm so I love this outfit...

Black, White, Grey, PINK.

Perfection. As I'm writing this I can't help but feel the relation to my wardrobe colour palette in the look is spot on. I'm also feeling slightly speechless just staring at the pictures repeating "I just love this so much' over and over in my brain. 
 I'm loving the range of Topshop gilets they have brought out, seriously debating another colour whilst typing (although they don't come cheap). On the other hand this is something which every season repeats itself so I'm sure every winter this will make some sort of appearance. Just trying to think of ways to justify getting another one really, maybe the white or black as it will be a bit more wearable.

This is completely something I would wear in this autumnal stage where the weather is cooler but not quiet coat time. This is by far one of my favourite autumn looks I have done and it really sums up my style so well or what I like to think my style is anyway.

I feel like I haven't worn a hat in a while, wasn't the best day to wear one either the winds were ridiculous which lead to a very dead arm having to walk and physically hold the hat the whole way during my walk to uni.
Aine x

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